L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – If It Drives

If It Drives (Market Garden, #7)If It Drives by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

Series: Market Garden # 7
Source: Review By Request
ARC Provided by Publisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

After driving James Harcourt, his wealthy banker boss, around for a year and a half, Cal isn’t surprised by much anymore. Not even James’s regular trips to Market Garden, London’s most elite gay brothel.

But when James leaves the Garden alone one night and turns to Cal instead, Cal’s floored. After crushing on his boss for ages, it’s his wet dream come true . . . until the awkward morning after. Cal still has a job to do, but he wants to offer more. Yet James doesn’t take him up on it; he keeps Cal at arm’s length and continues his chauffeured jaunts to Market Garden.

As Cal learns what James needs from the rentboys, he tries to fill that need himself. But there’s more to James’s penchant for rentboys than Cal realizes, and it may be one role that Cal can’t fill without overstepping his duty.

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L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – Payoff

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)Payoff by L.A. Witt Aleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #6
Source: Review By Request
Copy Received from Publisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tristan and Jared have got it made. When they aren’t raking in the cash together at Market Garden, they’re burning up their own sheets and getting closer by the day. But something isn’t right. Tristan’s on edge, and Jared doesn’t understand why.

Before they can hash things out, their services are requested by none other than Rolex. And Rolex doesn’t just want to be a bystander this time. He wants Jared while Tristan watches, and he’s more than willing to pay for it.

But Tristan’s reached a breaking point, and even that huge wad of cash might not be enough to keep tonight’s arrangement from crashing and burning.


My favorite Rent Boys are back!

The thought of sitting back and watching Rolex fuck Jared was simultaneously the hottest thing Tristan could imagine, and the most frustrating. He wanted to be the one moving inside Jared while Rolex watched. Or to hell with Rolex. He wanted Jared.
Jared and no one else.

By the end of Take It Off, Tristan & Jared were at the beginning of a beautiful relationship. They cared for each other, worked together, and got paid absurd amounts of money to entertain as a couple.

Important Announcement:
My birthday is in July… Do you know what I want?
I want to be in the middle of a Tristan and Jared Sandwich…
For days… Weeks, even…
Can I make a Kickstarter to contract the services of fictional Rent Boys?
Is the fact that I have a vagina a deal breaker?
I’m forming an exploratory committee…

Tristan & Jared are my favorite Rent Boys (so far) in the Market Garden Series… Their story is told over three short stories: Quid Pro Quo, Take It Off, & Payoff

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read more of their journey. And quite frankly, I needed this boost of good ol’ fashion sex and sweetness after the emotional powerhouse that was Capture & Surrender.

Despite all the good things happening in the world of Tristan & Jared (both inside & outside Market Garden) Tristan is acting strange… And Jared can’t figure out why…

If Tristan was upset or unhappy, the least he could do was fucking say something.

Except if he said something, it might be “this isn’t working” or “we shouldn’t see each other anymore,” and Jared couldn’t stomach either option. He wanted more, not less.

So Tristan is brooding, Jared is fuming, and the silence is building. Just when Jared thinks he has the balls to confront his partner on his odd behavior, the universe throws them a curve ball… In the form of their old client Rolex. The mysterious American john (who is responsible for Tristan and Jared working together) has a new request. One which might break the pair…

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – Capture & Surrender

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)Capture & Surrender by L.A. WittAleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #5
Source: Review By Request
Copy Received from Publisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever since his partner died, Frank has resigned himself to staying single. He wards off the loneliness by spending time with friends on the paintball field and running his high-end brothel, the Market Garden.

After one of his most lucrative rentboys quits, Frank is thrilled when a gorgeous replacement walks through the door. A former US soldier, Stefan is hot, bold, and perfect for the Market Garden’s clientele, especially those with a thing for camouflage and drill sergeants. He’s perfect for Frank, too, except Frank has a rule about not getting involved with his own rentboys.

During a frisky game of paintball, Stefan makes it clear that he doesn’t care about the rules. Not the rules of the game, and definitely not Frank’s refusal to get involved. He captures Frank on the field using stealth and cunning, and makes it clear that he’ll do anything to keep a hold of him off the field too.


Market Garden gets serious with the fifth installment.


…everything about this seemed like a recipe for disaster.

But even if he was headed for the mother of all car crashes, he couldn’t bring himself to hit the brake with everything he had, not for his sake, not for Brandon’s sake, or Market Garden’s, or sanity, or morality, or because it wasn’t fair or even very balanced.

Seemed all he could do was grip the steering wheel and keep going until something stopped him.

We’re talking about heavy emotion and serious subjects with this one…

There’s still plenty of kinky fun going on in Capture & Surrender (more on that later) but this one packs on content and emotion unseen in the previous titles in this series… And I ate up every page.

As a side note – this book was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award, and it is well deserved.


That silent companionship was as important as the scorching sex, maybe more important in the long run. He could relax with Brandon in his life, and that gratitude was so deep it nearly brought tears to his eyes.

Frank is the owner of Market Garden. He is surrounded by London’s top-shelf Rent Boys, yet he goes home alone each night…


Brandon grinned at him, and every time he did that, something shifted inside Frank, some weight, or maybe his heart, or his whole damn collection of organs swapped places.

Brandon (aka Stefan) is an American who came to London to escape his past. As an ex-military man with a cocky personality, he pushes all of franks buttons…

But Frank doesn’t get involved with Rent Boys…

He has his reasons:
The main issue being addressed here is that Frank, is HIV positive. He watched his partner die from the disease, and his accounts of that are tragic beyond belief. Completely heart-wrenching.

Frank didn’t want Brandon to suffer so much that the final drawn-out tone on Frank’s ECG monitor would be welcomed.

With that in mind, the courtship of Frank & Brandon goes beyond the standard taboos they would have faced:

Employer / Employee
Older / Younger
John / Rentboy

…because status had to be disclosed.
Decisions had to be made.

How much were they willing to risk?

This was a level of intense emotion which took me by surprise at first. Market Garden hadn’t really addressed any potential relationship drama outside the john / Rent Boy dynamic… But I’m so glad L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov took a chance and addressed some rough issues. It was emotional, beautiful, and completely worth reading.

*clears throat*

In lighter news…

The Kinky paint-ball games were wonderfully sexy and inventive!

“It’s essentially capture kink.”

Stefan’s eyes were bright.

Frank went on. “Basically, you capture someone on the field, he’s yours. Capture a team’s flag? Your team gets the spoils.”

“Spoils of war.” Stefan beamed. “I like it.”

“Figured you might.”

That’s right, to the victor goes the kinky sex!

There’s the requisite safe-words, etc, and Frank and his buddies referee the players… But it made for some seriously hot interactions between players hooped up on adrenaline and testosterone.

They should really sell spectator tickets…
Just sayin’

In addition, I loved the boisterous friendship between Frank, Emily, Geoff, & Mike.

Emily pointed a finely manicured nail at Brandon. “You, sir, are encouraging them.”

“Me?” Brandon showed his palms. “I was merely suggesting we pay homage to God and thank Him for all the food and wine and company. And stuff.”

“Uh-uh.” She shook her head once. “I paid for this stuff and turned it into something presentable and edible. You say grace to anyone, it’s Saint Emily O’Malley of the Sisters of Infinite Patience with Obnoxious Men.”

“That’s a bit of a mouthful, darling.” Mike straightened his napkin.

“That’s what she said,” Brandon muttered, and Mike burst out laughing.

How do I get invited to that dinner party? I’d love to see more of that group…

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – If It Fornicates

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)If It Fornicates by L.A. Witt Aleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #4
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

Nick is a top earner in the Market Garden, where rentboys fulfill their high-rolling clients’ every sexual fantasy. As a Dom and a sadist, he sets his own price and is experienced enough not to let any client get out of hand. He’s damn good at his job, and it’s easy money.

Or at least it used to be. But now he has a boyfriend. Spencer is a former client, a closeted corporate lawyer, and so beautifully submissive he’s perfect for Nick. He doesn’t even mind how Nick earns a living. He just wants to take care of Nick—something Nick isn’t quite sure how to handle.

In fact, Nick’s clearly off his game these days. Sure, he’s tired from his shift work and his studies, but mainly he’s bored by his clients and distracted by thoughts of Spencer—dangerous for everyone when he’s wielding a whip. Now Nick has to make a choice: give up his independence, or walk away from the only man he’s ever loved.


The conclusion of Nick & Spencer’s story blurs the line between warm/fuzzy and steamy/sexy!

“When you invited me over tonight,” he said, deliberately whispering so Spencer had to strain to hear, “was it just for dinner? Or did you want… something more?”

“I want everything you give me, Nick. Anything at all.”

Oh God, talk about sparks flying. Almost four months in, it still felt like they’d barely scratched the surface.

If It Flies and If It Fornicates are a duet within the Market Garden Series which follow the relationship of Nick and Spencer. In the last book our D/s couple decided to go all-in and cultivate a relationship beyond their professional arrangement. Their feelings had grown too deep to continue on the Rent Boy/john path.


Spencer never seemed remotely tempted to back away. He reminded Nick of a kid trying out a theme park ride for the first time: he knew it was inherently safe, and wasn’t actually afraid, but had no idea what twists and turns and feelings awaited him once the ride began.

Spencer has found a bright spot in his dreary day-to-day life: Nick, the Rent Boy who whipped his way into Spencer’s heart. Together they are exploring how far they can blur the lines of pleasure and pain, but they are also finding warmth and easy companionship in the arms of each other.


He was one of the in-demand rentboys; like Jared and Tristan, he had his own little fan club. Regular customers, some who’d paid enough over time that they could’ve bought themselves luxury cars in cash instead of blowing their wads on, well, blowing their wads.

Nick is having a hard time trying to create a balance between his personal and professional lives. Spencer seems perfectly fine with Nick continuing his work at Market Garden, but Nick’s dick heart is no longer in the game. He can’t get Spencer off his mind, and his work is suffering for it… And when you wield a whip for a living, your clients could suffer for it as well…

Nick finds himself at a crossroads…

I can be Spencer’s boyfriend. I can be a rent boy.
I can’t be both.

I loved this installment of the Market Garden Series…

I loved that If It Flies was exclusively Spencer’s POV, while If It Fornicates was exclusively Nick’s…

I loved the struggle which came from trying to balance Nick’s job with his growing feelings for Spencer…

I loved how beautifully the two interacted together – from casual dates to whips and chains…

I loved the parallel of their jobs: both demanding and soul-crushing at times, but one infinitely more “acceptable” than the other…

There was so much warmth and affection in this story.
Another winner from the Market Garden Series…

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – If It Flies

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)If It Flies by L.A. WittAleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #3
Source: Personal Librabry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.

Spencer is in a rut. Long hours at the law firm are sucking the life out of him, and he doesn’t have time or energy for a relationship. He’s lonely, horny, and itching for something new, so he tries the Market Garden, an exclusive—and expensive—brothel. Spencer isn’t in the door five minutes before a cocky rentboy makes his move.

Nick isn’t just any rentboy, though. He’s a Dom, he’s a sadist, and he’s everything Spencer didn’t know he was missing. One night turns into more, and before long, Spencer is one of Nick’s regular clients.

Both men think they’re just scratching each other’s backs: Spencer’s exploring a submissive, masochistic side he never knew he had, and Nick is getting off and getting paid. But as time goes on, it’s clear their strictly professional arrangement . . . isn’t, and if Nick has one hard limit, it’s that he doesn’t get romantically entangled with his johns. The problem is, while Nick doesn’t want to be owned, Spencer’s no longer content with just renting.


Market Garden takes a turn toward the sadistic side of lust…

It was odd that he felt his strongest while Nick hurt him. Not hurt hurt, but that moment when the pain came in and receded, like a rolling wave that bared treasure on the way back—that moment felt always like he’d tapped into an inner strength he’d never before touched or been aware of.

I couldn’t stay away from the Market Garden series.
1 – I adore L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov
2 – I have a thing for Rent Boys
3 – I loved the first two books

While Quid Pro Quo & Take It Off were all about the blossoming lust-to-love romance of Jared and Tristan, this book focuses on the whip-wielding rent boy Nick…

He wasn’t just a prostitute. He wasn’t even just a top. He was, quite literally, during the scenes, the centre of Spencer’s world.

It seems like business as usual when a skiddish new john walks in to Market Garden. Nick wastes no time in sizing him up as a submissive, and quickly makes a move for the new client.

What the hell? Spencer could make juniors stammer and bend clients to his will. But this blond kid who’d wrapped himself in leather and arrogance turned him into a stuttering, stumbling idiot.

Spencer is a Corporate Attorney who is on the fast-track to a heart attack if he doesn’t learn to leave his desk and blow off some steam. As a closeted lawyer, he can’t seem to use the usual avenues to find willing bed-mates… At the recommendation of a friend, he finds himself at Market Garden and face to face with Nick.

A whirlwind relationship in the form of a business transaction ensues. As Spencer and Nick explore the pleasure that can be gained from combining their sadistic & masochistic tendencies, the trust and familiarity grows into something far more intimate…

Both men think they’re just scratching each other’s backs: Spencer’s exploring a submissive, masochistic side he never knew he had, and Nick is getting off and getting paid. But as time goes on, it’s clear their strictly professional arrangement . . . isn’t, and if Nick has one hard limit, it’s that he doesn’t get romantically entangled with his johns. The problem is, while Nick doesn’t want to be owned, Spencer’s no longer content with just renting.

I’m diving right into If It Fornicates to find out what happens with this kinky pair. I’m not sure if I liked this book quite as much as the first two in the series… I think that the dual POV with Jared and Tristan made those books stronger. This story is told solely from Spencer’s perspective, but I happen to know that the next book is Nick’s POV, so this type of split seems interesting.

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – Take It Off

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)Take It Off by L.A. WittAleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #2
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Turnabout is foreplay.

High-end Market Garden rentboys Tristan and Jared have found their niche. Men are willing to pay good money to watch Tristan tease Jared, and the two of them seduce London’s elite with sex and power games.

Except Tristan is less and less interested in getting money out of the johns these days. He wants his partner in crime, and he wants the seduction to be real. But is Jared just in this for the pay?

When Rolex, the john who started it all, returns to Market Garden, the boys jump on the opportunity to service him—and each other—for a fresh pile of cash. Rolex isn’t the only one itching for a rematch, though. Jared’s been waiting for a chance to get back at Tristan for teasing him so mercilessly the first time.

And for a former stripper, revenge is a dish best served extra hot.


The second book in the Market Garden series features a particularly brilliant bit of steamy revenge…

…Tristan hadn’t forgotten his own favourite thing about stripping: the sadistic joy of grinding and undulating on a man who had no choice but to sit still and take it.
Sit still and take it, which was exactly what he had to do this time. Oh. Shit.

Rolex is back for more voyeurism – and who can blame him? In book one Tristan teased Jared to within an inch of his sanity… In this installment of the Market Garden Series, Jared has the opportunity to turn the tables…

Tristan has been growing closer and closer to Jared since their first performance together, and feelings are growing deeper. He’s starting to loose control and blurring the lines between performance and pleasure. His particular brand of Dominance and control is being put to the test by Rolex’s new rule: No touching the dancer…

Tristan didn’t have a submissive bone in his body, but if Jared was like this when he was on top, there wasn’t much Tristan wouldn’t do if Jared snapped his fingers and demanded it.

I loved every single minute of this book – watching Tristan go crazy, Jared show his confident side, and the pair of them work over Rolex for an absurd amount of money. I’m absolutely loving this series and can’t wait to read the next installment!

L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – Quid Pro Quo

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)Quid Pro Quo by L.A. Witt Aleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #1
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For the past six months, Jared’s been selling sex at Market Garden, a London club that caters to the better-off. But business is slow in the run-up to Christmas, when businessmen and bankers are too busy bickering over bonuses to rent themselves a little high-class action.

Though Jared’s wallet finds the downtime unnerving, the rest of him rather enjoys the opportunity it gives him to admire Tristan, an old hand in the club whose reputation usually sees him well-booked. Jared has been crushing on Tristan for months—he’s no more immune to Tristan’s cockiness and confidence than the johns, and those are just Tristan’s inner qualities.

Just as Jared’s about to chat Tristan up, a businessman asks for something a little different: he wants to book them both. They agree—and Jared finds himself going from crush to mind-bending lust as he’s made the pawn in a sexual power game. Tristan shows him how a pro handles a john while delivering the top-shelf sex for which the Market Garden is so rightly renowned.


A short story so hot my Kindle nearly caught fire!

“Help me, I’m trapped in a Harlequin novel titled The Billionaire and His Rentboys,” Jared muttered under his breath.

This was an amazingly steamy erotic short featuring two rent boys (one with a secret crush on the other) and one wealthy voyeur who gives them the perfect opportunity to put on a show…

Maybe he was just one of those corporate types for whom everything was strictly business, including – perhaps especially – sex.

I had so much fun with this, that I immediately downloaded the second book in the series! There isn’t much I can tell you about the plot which isn’t covered in the blurb…

Oh, and did I mention that Jared and Tristan are British?

Dani Alexander – Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1)Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

Series: Shattered Glass #1
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A male prostitute, a mangy cat, a murder and a maniacal mix-up that threatens his career, his impending marriage and his life. Nothing is going as planned for Austin Glass.

Austin — seems to have it all. At least on the surface. A loving fiancee. A future with the FBI and a healthy sized trust fund. He also has a grin and a wisecrack for every situation. But the smile he presents to everyone hides a painful past he’s buried too deeply to remember. And his quips mask bitterness and insecurity. Austin has himself and most of the whole world fooled. Until he meets someone who immediately sees him better than he sees himself.

As events unfold and Austin’s world unravels, he finds himself pushed into making quick life-changing decisions. But can he trust Peter or what’s happening between them when each meeting seems to be just a series of volatile reactions?


A book which gleefully oscillates between seriousness and silliness… The only thing more rewarding than reading this book was finally figuring out what all “Bunny Slipper” status updates were about…

“I’m not gay.” That wasn’t what I meant to say. At least not so bluntly. It had just become a mantra as I drove across town. Repeated over and over so many times that, by the time I stood in the diner, confronted once again by this visceral attraction to a perfect stranger, the words tumbled out.

“Congratulations. Would you like a medal?” Bunny Slippers asked.

“I already have a medal. For bravery, not for being gay. I think you made me gay.”

“I made you gay?” He set down the napkin he was holding. “Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid?”

This book was one of the four big players in the MM Romance genre for 2013, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to do a buddy read of this with the GCR Group who were celebrating M/M March. This book would be entertaining for the solo reader, but I also recommend this for a book club. The eroticism doesn’t permeate the text, and there is enough character development and seriousness to prompt many interesting conversations…

Shattered Glass is a combination of:
crime drama,
coming out angst,
haunted pasts,
touching connections,
laugh out loud humor,
murder mystery,
brotherly love,
general awkwardness,
and steamy sexual situations…


I was not insecure. I was a perfectly normal combination of arrogant and narcissistic.

Logan is a straight-laced detective on track to join the FBI. He’s also a trust-fund kid with a huge ego and a fiancé. So when he finds himself sexually attracted to a redheaded bus boy at a local diner, he is obviously knocked for a loop…. And the knocks just keep coming for Detective Glass…


“Everyone is your competition.” Peter lifted his hand to his eyes and began lowering it incrementally. “It goes normal human beings, crazies, republicans, my hand, imaginary characters, corpses and then, in a moment of lustful psychosis, you.” By the time he was done, his hand was below the table.

Peter comes from a rough past – one which slowly reveals its dark depths as the book progresses. He isn’t a mere busboy at the diner, he’s the owner – the ex-cop who took him in off the streets left it to him in his will.

Together Peter and Austin spell trouble – their attraction is more than merely dangerous for Austin’s career, it could quite possibly be deadly…

There were so many heavy subjects packed into this book… lovingly wrapped in humor… I think a less competent author might have crumbled under the pressure of the undertaking. As it is, Dani Alexander has creating an amazingly balanced novel which I can’t help but recommend…

There was a single POV from Austin’s perspective though out the book, and his awkwardness shined through brilliantly.

The show was kind of stolen in the personality department by Peter’s little brother Cai – whose past and present are heart-wrenching. He is emotionally unstable and wise beyond his years.

“Cruelty is an effortless answer to fear.”
“Who said that?”
“Um… me?”
“You’re too wise for your own good.”
“You’re too cynical for yours,”

The next book in this series (Not So Innocent) is Cai’s story… We all hope it will be published, but I couldn’t tell you when to save my life – Dani Alexander‘s Slashfiction site says “published 2012” GoodReads says “Published 2014” but they are all lying liars who tell all the lies…

I will await the next installment. I will not, however, be holding my breath for a quick release…

Allyson James – Calder

Calder by Allyson James

Series: Tales of the Shareem #4
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Medic Katarina d’Arnal moves to the slums to work in a free clinic and ends up drawing the job of inoculating Shareem. The first Shareem who shows up is the Calder, a level three, muffled from head to foot, refusing to bare even an inch of skin. He’s used to an elderly medic who jabs him and lets him go, not the pretty, young highborn woman who wants to do everything by the book.

Calder hides himself because, unlike the rest of the Shareem—the handsome, arrogant, a-holes—Calder is scarred all over, the result of a plasma fire years ago. He’s learned that women crave to be with him, as hideous as he is, and he’s created a world where they can indulge in their darkest fantasies with the Beast. He give them an exotic experience with a capital E.

But this woman, Katarina, looks at Calder the man, and wants to know all about him. Calder decides to show her what he is when she’s tricked into visiting his lair—but Katarina keeps insisting on touching his burned face with her gentle fingers, trying to find the man behind the tormented Beast.

Calder knows if he lets her in to what he truly is, it will be the end of him……


Nothing satisfies quite like a mysterious tortured hero…

“This is Calder, sweetheart,” Braden said. “One of the best level threes ever made. Means he’s gentle as a kitten one minute, dangerous as a desert tiger the next. You never know what he’s going to do.”
But that made him more exciting.

Calder was a wonderfully crafted character. The author had set up his mysterious and foreboding persona in the the previous books. He was more intriguing than any other Shareem by the time we got to his book.

a.k.a The Beast: Level Three Shareem

Braden on Calder:

“…Forget about Calder, sweetheart. He’s . . . Put it this way—when he got burned he went to a bad place, and I don’t mean the DNAmo lab. He never really recovered. There’s a darkness to him that a pretty lady like you doesn’t need to touch. He’s taken level three to a height even I don’t understand. And I’m pretty bad-ass.”

We knew that Calder was disfigured by a fire when he was being experimented on at DNAmo. We also know that Dr. Laas saved him, but that he had not mentally recovered from the incident. He covered himself head to toe in black robes and goggles, allowing no one to see his mangled skin.

This aversion to nudity does not serve him well when he checks into the clinic for his required inoculations. The pretty little doctor working at the slum clinic insists that he disrobe for a full exam. Naturally, Calder refuses. He rips the hypo from her hand, inoculates himself, then storms out of the clinic leaving a baffled Dr. Katarina d’Arnal behind.

a.k.a. Dr. Katarina d’Arnal

She suddenly understood the complete appeal of Shareem, why women would pay fortunes for an appointment with Calder.
Shareem would do anything in the name of pleasure. And there was a hint of uncertainty about how far they would go.

Calder has a gimmick to cope with his disfigurement, he has created a pleasure palace where he hunts his prey in the dark. He capitalizes on wealthy women’s captive fantasies, and makes a ton of money doing it. There’s a waiting list a mile long to get in. And once you’re in Calder’s lair there’s no safe word, no mercy… He will hunt you, he will find you, and you’ll learn what it is like to be with the BEAST.

As I said, the wait-list to be hunted by the BEAST is a mile long, but meddling Dr. Angelica Laas (who we’ve known from previous books) decides to play match-maker. She hack’s Calder’s database and inserts a listing for little miss Katarina. She then sends a transmission to the clinic Dr. d’Arnal works at and informs them that someone is in need of medical attention at Calder’s address. You see where this is going?

Once Katarina realizes that she’s been set up in this erotic situation with the Shareem she has been dreaming about, she willingly submits herself to the dark and to the desires of the BEAST…

I’ve got mixed feelings with this one folks. A few things bothered me about this installment in the Tales of the Shareem Series:

Insta-Love has been a near constant in this series, and I’ve been more-or-less cool with it. The heroines always seem to fall in love very quickly with their Shareem, but for some reason, Katarina seemed to fall extra hard, extra fast…

Maybe I feel this way because because I loved the connection between Ky & Aiden in the last book? Their connection grew over twenty years, so the love seemed more real/deep to me?

In addition, Calder’s mood swings kind of drove me nuts. One second he was so sure that he wanted Katarina, the next he was running away and hiding in his lair for weeks. There’s a difference between “broken” and “childish”.

That being said, once the emotion started pouring honestly from both main characters, the book became immensely enjoyable! Calder and Katarina were a little awkward in the beginning, but once all the petty behavior was set aside, and the real conflicts began to occur… Wow.

This story Features:
oral sex,
vaginal sex,
anal sex,
captive fantasies,
light bondage,
MFM menage,
& Double penetration…

Allyson James – Aiden and Ky

Aiden and Ky by Allyson James

Series: Tales of the Shareem #3
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brianne, a woman of the ruling family, has never seen a Shareem, until she spies Aiden, a level one, in a coffee bar in the working-class part of town. Unknown to Brianne, her bodyguards arrest Aiden for even looking at her, and Aiden is locked away, scheduled to be terminated.

Ky, a level-three Shareem and Aiden’s closest friend, is furious. He tries to extract Aiden, which only ends up in him being arrested alongside him.

Brianne, horrified, has both of them freed, but Ky wants to teach Lady Brianne a lesson to make up for almost getting Aiden killed. Aiden accompanies him, worried about Ky’s volatile nature, and Brianne finds herself alone in a train car with two Shareem men who have many things on their minds.

The incident has Ky bothered for more than one reason—it forced the feelings he’s kept hidden for Aiden to surface. But such things are forbidden to Shareem, as he learned the hard way years ago.

With Brianne with them, everything seems to be fine. But when Ky starts to give in to the longing he’s had for years, old danger resurfaces, which he knows could mean the end of his life.


This series pulls out all the stops for an MMF Erotic Romance with a Sci-Fi Twist!

Ky had never been this aching before, even after teasing a woman without releasing himself. But the scent of Brianne covered in Aiden’s oil and the taste of her skin, the heat of her pussy had been good. So good.
Even better had been Aiden’s fingers caressing his as they both stroked her, and Aiden’s tongue hard in his mouth. The combination of woman and man . . . Ky had never felt anything so potentially explosive in his existence.

We knew from the previous book in the series, Rio, that Aiden had developed feelings for his best friend and fellow Shareem Ky. He was content to hide his feelings for his friend, but fate has different plans. After all, the threat of death is a pretty huge motivator to bare your soul.

Level One Shareem

“It’s forbidden,” Ky said automatically.
“If we never did what was forbidden, we’d all be dead by now.”

Aiden was quietly enjoying a coffee and making eyes at a lovely woman sitting at a table across the room. She’s obviously interested (how could she not be interested? He is a face-sculpted example of male perfection) but she quickly flees the coffee shop before he has the opportunity to seduce. Unbeknownst to him, Brianne d’Aroth was the mysterious beautiful woman, and her bodyguards took it upon themselves to have him thrown in jail for stirring up her emotions. He is scheduled for termination…

Member of the ruling family of Bor Narga

It had nothing to do with her IQ and everything to do with her being female. And alive.

Brianne is a member of the ruling family. A public figure engaged to a dull but equally powerful man. She has no intention of running off with the Shareem in the coffee shop, and left before her sexual feelings could override her common sense. She had no idea that the beautiful man had been hauled off and scheduled for termination. She uses her considerable power on the planet of Bor Narga to have him released, but not before making an enemy of Ky.

Level Three Shareem

“You like to apologize.”
Brianne flushed. “You make me feel guilty. You’re good at it.”
“Only because I’m level three. The punisher. I want you to want your punishment.”

Ky and Aiden have stuck together for the past twenty years, and he’s not going to easily accept the apology of the High-Borne rich bitch that nearly had his best friend killed. He has a plan. Ky and Aiden will teach this woman what a Shareem can really do…

The three together are an explosive force. It’s not long before reality comes crashing down on them all…
Aiden must reveal his true feelings for his best friend.
Ky struggles to process his growing attraction to Aiden.
Brianne must navigate a way to enjoy her Shareem in a world where they are the lowest caste of society, and she is firmly at the top…

I’ll be honest, once Ky and Aiden begin to explore their growing relationship, I found Brianne to be fairly superfluous… I’m a fan of M/M Romances and would have been perfectly happy to drop the trio to a duo. That being said, when this book was first published in 2007, there weren’t a lot of M/M Romances written for a female audience, especially ones which take place in the middle of a series featuring M/F relationships…

But I’m certainly fine with it 🙂

This story Features:
man on man action,
oral sex,
vaginal sex,
anal sex,
light bondage,
MFM menage,
& MMF menage…