Jason Luke – Interview with a Master

Interview with a Master by Jason Luke

Series: Interview with a Master #1
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

It’s the interview like no other.
It’s the interview of a lifetime.
It’s THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is intensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.
This is His world. His way.
There is only one question the man will not answer…

(BDSM erotica from a man’s POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language)


Mixed feelings for the hotly anticipated Master and his tales of Erotic Exploits disguised as an interview/self-help seminar…

I was drawn to this book because word on the street (and by “street” I mean GoodReads bookclubs) was that the author was experienced in the BDSM lifestyle and would be offering a new perspective… Other than the fact that this was a MALE perspective, I’m not sure how successful this book was in living up to the hype. It was enjoyable… If you’re hoping to read some BDSM-themed erotica from a male perspective, I say go for it… The whole “interview inside a narrative” structure was entertaining and refreshing for this genre… But it wasn’t groundbreaking by any means. It started off strong and began unraveling mid-book.

This is a 3 1/2 star read for me.
It lost half a star for overwhelming arrogance.
It lost a whole star for the last 20% of the book.

I was thrilled to do a Buddy Read of this book with the amazing Wendy (Wendy’sThoughts). Because my experience with this book was shared with her, I must reference a few of the conversations we had while reading together…

She pointed out that the book was split into two narratives:
1. The Erotica / Romancing the reader story line…
2. The Philosophical Men’s Guide to Women & BDSM…

I agree completely. This split structure was both a blessing and a curse. It keeps the reader on their toes and a little off balance as we try to figure out what Master Jonah’s motives are for allowing this interview and for choosing the intern Leticia as the person to document his life.

Reasons to Read it:
1. Some lovely erotic exploits
2. Jonah’s endless opinions – even if you don’t agree, he’s passionate
3. The sinking feeling that this whole thing will end badly
4. The humor sprinkled throughout
3. The quotable “rule book” of Jonah Noble

America’s elusive, wealthy, notorious BDSM Master…

“It wasn’t about physical domination for me. It still isn’t. It’s about that emotional transfer of power: the command and control. That’s what turns me on, Leticia. That’s what I find so addictive about being a Master. I love the power, given to me by the submissive.”

Jonah is known as a Master of all things. King of his business empire and renowned for his expertise in training submissives.

Aspiring Journalist, Interviewing Master Noble …

“If you’re right, then what you’re about to tell me is the secret to success for the average married man. I’d hate to miss a single word.

The price for an exclusive in-depth interview with Jonah is that he will be granted the opportunity to return the favor – question for question, answer for answer – neither party will hold anything back.

This is where Wendy made a very good point – that this book is part Interview With The Vampire & part Silence of the Lambs:

This book parallels Interview with the Vampire with respect to the narrative structure… One man telling his epic history to a complete outsider who finds the stories amazing and nearly beyond belief…

The similarrity to Silence of the Lambs is found in the calculating and manipulative hero as well as the “quid pro quo” dynamic of give and take between subject and interviewer…

The rest is an ode to Jonah’s male ego.
He spends the entire interview telling stories which highlight his sexual prowess and attempting to demonstrate his expertise of women.

As Master Jonah tells his tales, we are being seduced by him; obviously manipulated. A man telling his own history has complete control of the facts presented…

Jonah’s answers are structured around recalling erotic encounters throughout his life – in vivid detail – which follow his journey in becoming a Master. His anecdotes are often punctuated with his opinions on sex in modern society.

He has very strong opinions on women in general, and considers himself an expert on female sexuality – This is where many readers will find themselves uncomfortable with the broad generalizations which Jonah presents as fact. He knows he is a politically-incorrect jerk, and if you can recognize this facet of his personality, and not get offended, you will handle him as well as Leticia.

The reader steps into the role of Leticia as we listen to Master Jonah’s stories. We are experiencing these erotic stories at the same time, and since the whole story is from Jonah’s point of view, we must assume that Leticia’s thoughts mirror our own.

My thoughts on the Ending:

I don’t think anybody was surprised that Leticia wound up with a crush on the Master… But I was put off by how quickly her character deteriorated after growing attached to him. She was never very interesting to begin with, so the fact that they didn’t wind up “together” at the end wasn’t so heartbreaking to me.

The whole “I can’t fall in love” stance for a Dominant is such a lame way to go. Trust me, there can be love in BDSM. Jonah’s feelings toward Leticia were so ridiculously angsty for someone who had shown so much aloof self-control toward women in the past. The only thing she did to attract him was listen to him talk. How much ego is required for that to happen?

The entire time I was reading this book I was waiting for the “catch” – Jonah is a calculated man, there must be a good reason he chose to tell his story to Leticia. I was making up all kinds of dark scenarios in my head…
In my most twisted prediction I wondered if Jonah made a bet with the owner of Leticia’s newspaper that he could lure the shy vanilla girl into being his submissive…
So when we discovered that Jonah had a brain tumor and was dying, I was massively disappointed. Not shocked (hello headaches throughout the book) just disappointed that there wasn’t a big ending… A better reveal… A more dark and twisted motive behind his choice to tell his story.

The beginning and middle of this book were so strong, that the ending seemed bland in comparison. Will I read the next book? Who knows… I don’t really care if Jonah & Letica hook up, but I’d love to hear more about Jonah’s saucy past!

Synopsis of Jonah’s entire perspective in GIF form:

This book does have a cliffhanger ending, and as of the date of this review, there is no information on the upcoming second book…

As I mentioned (several times) this was a Buddy Read with Wendy. I encourage you to read her review of this book as well. She’s awesome, and I get more enjoyment of of a book when I have the opportunity to read with her.


Starla Cole – The Goddess of Bondage

The Goddess of BondageThe Goddess of Bondage by Starla Cole
The Boudoir Sessions #4
Source: Review By Request
ARC Provided by Publisher
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Syria plans to surprise her lover Tyson by learning the art of Japanese Rope Bondage. She gets help from her friend Mia, the pirate contortionist, who introduces Syria to the Madam, a BDSM and Dominatrix mentor who is willing to train Syria.

Madam is so impressed by Mia’s contortionism that she invites the girls to a bondage exhibition. As the men watch Mia’s amazing flexibility take the art to a new level, Syria is led on stage to soothe Mia’s pain, leading to a public sex act that becomes an orgy.

In the aftermath of the exhibition, Syria begins to doubt that she is worthy of finding her long-lost father or keeping Tyson as a lover. With her Santa stripper living thousands of miles away, Syria isn’t sure their love story will survive the distance and their new lifestyle.

WARNING: This story is for readers 18 and over. Contains explicit sex, girl on girl, orgy, bondage, BDSM, spreader bars, prostitution, public sex, voyeurism, fisting, masturbation, video chat sex, exhibitionism, restraints, Japanese Rope Bondage, shibari, kinbaki, restraints, dominance, submissives, and contortionism


I read this book as part of the Syria’s Seduction Boxed Set. – Syria’s emotional attachment to Tyson (the sexy santa striper) is growing. While they’ve been emailing and exchanging racy photographs, Syria is looking forward to a visit from Tyson in the next few weeks. In an effort to surprise her lover, Syria decides to try and master Japanese Rope Bondage!

BTW, can I get a few bonus points for finding a Shibari GIF that’s safe for work?

Shibari is a difficult art to master, but it is supremely beautiful. Starla Cole did a marvelous job in describing the visual display as well as the intimacy.

A lot went down in this book (have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying this series?) Female Masturbation, two females in a shower, a fisting lesson, a contortionist, the utilization of a Shibari Instructor, sex clubs, exhibitionism, spreader bars, wax play, a bit of belly-dancing…

Is it getting hot in here?

Emotions run high in the aftermath as Syria tries to come to terms with her new life, the mysteries of her family, and her relationship with Tyson…

***I received an ARC of the Syria’s Seduction Boxed Set in exchange for an honest review***

Starla Cole – Dirty Pirate Hooker

Dirty Pirate HookerDirty Pirate Hooker by Starla Cole
Series: The Boudoir Sessions #3
Review By Request
ARC Provided by Publisher
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Professional photographer Syria McMillan is skeptical when a couple in pirate costume arrives for photographs to advertise their bawdy buccaneer skit. The pair are friends of Syria’s last client, a Santa Claus stripper, and THAT session had ended with the Christmas ornaments in places no silver icicle should ever go.

Sure enough, less than ten minutes into the shoot, Syria learns about the couple’s “other” act, a public sex show starring Mia as a contortionist. As the pirates get dirty on camera, Syria can’t fight her attraction to the couple. When the camera stops clicking, Syria discovers that yet another boudoir session has gotten a little more naked than expected, plus there really *is* another use for an empty bottle of rum…


I like how things are moving along in this series. Syria is growing and stretching her wings. She’s becoming more emotionally attached to Tyson despite their physical distance, and she is contracted to do a sexy couple’s shoot of two pirates…

A few weeks after the “Santa Session” Tyson is back from Seattle. He surprised Syria by showing up just before her Pirate Couple… They commence to enjoy bit of bondage with silk scarves. The tables are turned when Tyson insists on a few sexy photos of Syria for his personal use…

When the Pirate Couple Mia & Sam arrive, Tyson tells Syria that he once had sex with the couple and he encourages her to do the same. Though reluctant at first, Syria surrenders to the mounting heat in the photography studio.

Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum Later…



Voyeurism, Toys, FFM Menage, a bit of light Bondage…
Syria wakes up the next morning with a better understanding of a few of her darker desires…

***I received an ARC of the Syria’s Seduction Boxed Set in exchange for an honest review***