Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion – For Valentine’s (Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway)

For Valentine’s by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

Series: No Weddings #4.5
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Authors
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

This steamy nightcap novella, the fifth book in the No Weddings Series, takes us on a post-happily-ever-after adventure as Cade attempts to rewrite Valentine’s Day with his new wife, Hannah.

Wedded bliss. After everything Hannah and I have been through, we finally have it. Yet dark dreams from my troubled past continue to escalate as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Determined to fill our present with great memories that overtake all others, I plan a trip to New York—down to every scheduled detail. Yeah, there will even be a musical.

But Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve. And the universe keeps throwing us curveballs…

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Daisy Harris – David’s Selfie (Review & Excerpt)

David’s Selfie by Daisy Harris

Source: Personal Library
My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

When David, a single father, vows to get laid just once before the year ends, he doesn’t figure on losing his cell phone—and with it one very revealing picture. Lucky for him, his phone is found by a disarmingly handsome man who might be perfect for the kind of casual Christmas fling David is after.

Go-go dancer Craig never would have guessed that the guy with the cute cock shot would turn out to be a doctor. Or that he’d find himself lying about his night job and worrying David will find out the truth. To complicate matters, each of their hook-ups requires days of planning. Yet before he knows it, Craig has a new boyfriend, and possibly a whole new family.

David’s ready to dive head-first into something new, but if Craig’s going to commit, he’ll need to come clean about his job, his past, and—most of all—the naughty picture that drew him to David in the first place.

Warning: Contains a male exotic dancer and extremely intimate photography. May contain traces of Zumba, bad roommates, and sad childhoods.

Call your doctor if after six hours you still can’t get the grin off your face.

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Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion – Three Christmases (Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway)

Three Christmases by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

Series: No Weddings #4
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Authors
My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

As the holiday season approaches in this fourth book in the No Weddings Series, Cade Michaelson strives to be better at balancing work and love, and Hannah Martin’s growing ability to trust is put to the test.

Lust and friendship brought us together, but with the increasing demands of my two businesses, Hannah’s thriving bakery, and our successful event-planning company, stability becomes my focus.

Then a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity takes me to the West Coast, and everything goes into a tailspin.

Laughter, love, and excitement fill our lives, but Cade refuses to settle into the wonderful bliss we’ve found—he wants spectacular fireworks and an unshakable foundation. Driven like no one I’ve ever met, Cade insists a dream job across the country will be better for our future together, but I worry about whether we can survive the present apart.

When intimate time diminishes…and lives get more hectic…

Will a little bit of faith be all that it takes? Or will the sacrifice to get there be too great?

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Jay Bell – Like & Subscribe

Like & Subscribe by Jay Bell

Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remember that hunky guy on YouTube who caught your eye? The one with the awesome pecs and killer smile? I bet you couldn’t stop watching his videos. Just imagine if you had a chance to meet him and all your fantasies started coming true. There’s only one catch: Between you and your dream guy is his less-than-pleased boyfriend. They say that love conquers all, but can love conquer love?

Like and Subscribe is a new short story by Jay Bell, the author of Something Like Summer.



Quirky and absolutely adorable…

“…Can you get a broken heart without being with someone? Can wanting to fall in love so bad make that happen?”

I think we all have stars in our eyes for at least one celebrity. Those larger than life people who we only know only through the edited, scripted, photoshopped versions we’re allowed to see.

Like and Subscribe is the story of what happens when one man meets his celebrity crush, and learns that not everything is as perfect as it appears through a computer screen…

Evan Hansen

Evan didn’t blush or chastise himself. Desperation was an old acquaintance, the kind he could share a comfortable silence with. Besides, his infatuation with Tony was hardly new.

Evan has had a crush on Tony since high school. His infatuation skyrocketed when his crush became a YouTube star, posting (often shirtless) videos about his life to thousands of followers.

Tony Taylor

Free time and the Internet. Never a good combination.

Tony uses his online videos to share himself with the world. It’s easy for Evan to feel like he knows Tony inside and out, so when he unexpectedly runs into Tony at a Halloween party, it seems like a dream. Unfortunately, his dream come true comes with one major hurdle – Tony’s boyfriend…

Orlando Logan

“[Tony’s] got this massive hole in his ego, and I tried my best to fill it up with love and admiration, but it wasn’t enough…”

Orlando is not thrilled about he blast from the past who has caught Tony’s eye. Tony is flirting freely and it quickly becomes apparent to Evan that the relationship between Orlando and Tony is crumbling…

When Tony invites Evan over for some quality time, will Evan take the opportunity to claim his heart’s desire?

This was a positively adorable (if short) read! If you needed another reason to read it, last time I checked it was free on the Kindle Store… Or you can borrow a copy from me!

Morgan Q. O’Reilly – That Olde Christmas Magic

That Olde Christmas Magic by Morgan Q. O’Reilly

Source: Personal Library
A Gift from the Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Start with five gold rings, wrap with ribbons and bows, add a paddle, and let the party begin!

Angels might get wings with every bell that rings, but four couples find that bells and magic this Christmas send them flying on wings of love.
~ Victor and Terri find their spell with five words and Five Gold Rings.
~ Greg and Lisa’s hearts are Tied Up in a Bow and lessons in trust.
~ Sheldon has A Paddle for Patti and she learns every now and again it’s good for the soul.
~ Edward learns All Amelia Wants for Christmas and fulfills her wildest dream.


First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the author Morgan Q. O’Reilly who sent me an autographed copy of this fun Christmasy Erotica… She’s ensuring that I’m firmly on Santa’s naughty list!

This is a book of Christmas themed erotic short stories which feature different characters, but all intertwine and create a heat sufficient enough to melt all the snow within a twenty-foot radius of my house.


Edward Milbank is putting the final touches on the annual Christmas celebration at the V Club when he’s interrupted by Mrs. Amelia Walker, member of the club and occasional lover of Edward’s. This Christmas she has an offer that Edward cannot refuse…

Five Golden Rings
Terri & Victor are high society fixtures in NYC with naughty leanings. Terri is sporting five impressively placed body piercings for her lover’s pleasure. Victor gifts her with five golden rings, each with little golden bells attached. Their antics at a formal holiday dinner & in the back of a limo ensure that hundreds of angels are getting their wings…

“I want to hear bells,” he said. Hands gripping her hips, he lifted her and let her settle down again, the sound of her bells creating a merry tune. “All of them, keep moving,”

Tied Up in a Bow
Greg & Lisa are visiting the V Club for the first time as a couple. Lisa discovers that she is not alone in her kinky predilections, and she has a safe place to explore her submissive side. Voyeurism, exhibitionism, and a little bit of ribbon bondage & suspension later… and Lisa becomes the perfect gift-wrapped submissive present…

“Terri adjusted the big red bow covering Lisa’s chest. Another bow covered her pelvis. Big, red velvet, flocked bows, like one might put on a front door or over a mantel. Another string of ribbon secured her arms behind her back.”

A Paddle for Patti
Patti Donaldson, secretary for Sheldon Clark was on a mission for her former college roommate Terri (from the previous stories in this book) she needs to find a naughty spanking photo for V Club’s Christmas Newsletter. Here’s the problem: looking up dirty pictures on the company computers is grounds for termination… But when her boss, Sheldon Clark (certified man-candy and member of the V Club) discovers her indiscretion, he has an entirely different form of punishment in mind for his naughty secretary…

“What do you mean by punishment?”
Ah, now they were at the heart of the matter. A punishment to fit the crime. He reached around her and jiggled the mouse. One click brought up the picture of the rosy cheeked elf over Santa’s lap. “This.”

All Amelia Wants for Christmas
The final short-story picks up with Edward Milbank and Amelia Walker…
At the Christmas party for V Club, Amelia has offered herself as a Venus sacrifice… the centerpiece of the evening… to be worshiped and pleasured by the entire club. She’s determined to wring out every last drop of pleasure from the evening before she retires from the scene.

“…he was a man to bring out the inner snarling cougar in any woman. Menopause be damned.”


Starla Cole – Naughty Santa

Naughty SantaNaughty Santa by Starla Cole
Series: The Boudoir Sessions #2
Source: Review By Request
ARC Provided by Publisher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Professional photographer Syria McMillan is setting up an old-fashioned Santa shoot when a male model built like a Roman soldier shows up for the appointment. His transformation into Jolly Old St. Nick works for a few shots, but when the red suit hits the floor, Syria decides that switching to the naughty list is far more likely to make her Christmas merry and bright.


This was a super short story. The title says pretty much everything you need to know. It was a lot of sexy fun and didn’t take itself too seriously.

Syria McMillan has started her own boudoir Photography studio, her former lover/photography mentor has moved to Milan for a fashion shoot.

She takes a Santa client for promotional shoots only to discover that he is a Santa Stripper.

As sexy Santa Tyson starts stripping off his red and white layers, things begin seriously heating up inside the photography studio. You know, I have to mention… There’s some pretty decent writing to this series. Its not something you expect out of incredibly short Erotica, and I’m particularly pleased with the level of humor on these books…

Oh, and Santa is incredibly naughty!
He spices up an otherwise vanilla encounter with Christmas Condoms, a bit of jingle bell bondage, a tease of anal play with an icicle ornament…

Syria’s eyes widened. “What do you plan to do with those?” The reins jingled as she shook them at her. “Terrible things.” His eyes danced with mischief. He let go of her ankles and grasped her wrists… “Just a little bit of bondage. Nothing elaborate.”

***I received an ARC of the Syria’s Seduction Boxed Set in exchange for an honest review***

Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis – Menage on 34th Street

Menage on 34th Street by Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis

Series: Menage on 34th Street #1
Source: Review by Request
ARC received from the Publisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Katrina and Liam Holland have the perfect marriage, a home in the trendiest part of Baltimore, and a scorching sex life. As another Christmas approaches, there’s only one thing still on Kat’s wish list: Hunter Croft. But she made peace long ago with his decision to choose the marines over their relationship. Until seeing him again arouses feelings she thought were in the past…

Hunter has spent a decade outrunning his attraction to both Kat and Liam. But now that he’s stateside, his self-control crumbles when he comes face-to-face with the two people who star in all his favorite fantasies. Their reunion is both erotic and emotional—and has Hunter wondering if three’s really a crowd, after all.

Liam can’t imagine his life without Kat. But he can imagine a future where the three of them live and love under one roof. Liam and Kat have shared their bed with other men, but Hunter is the only one who could ever have a place in their hearts. And this holiday season, Liam intends to make their dream a reality.



“She doesn’t want only you.” Hunter had never understood that about Kat, that she had a huge heart and a starving sexuality. No one man could be everything she needed, Fortunately for their marriage, Liam had no qualms about inviting guests into his bed. He accepted and encouraged Kat’s occasional desire for multiple outlets while she accepted and encouraged his occasional need for another man. But he wanted more for them. More than occasional.

I’d encourage you to curl up by the Christmas fire to enjoy this, but I assure you things heat up very quickly. This is the perfect one-evening read to get you in the spirit 🙂 It’s both naughty and oh so nice!

This was a fantastic read! I simply loved it! It was hot, scorching hot! But it was also tender and sweet. The characters were well rounded and believable. I loved that we were given the opportunity to see the story from the point of view of all three.

Here’s the short of it:
Kat and Liam have been together for ten happy years, occasionally (as you can tell from the previous quote) inviting other males into their bed as the mood takes them. Ten years ago, Hunter had a shot with Kat and Liam, but cut and ran to the Marines when things started getting too confusing. After ten long years of estrangement, Hunter has been invited back.

Hunter has never forgotten the erotic moment when he walked in on Kat and Liam in the act.

Kat has never quite gotten over the way he left town without so much as a “good-bye.”

Liam is tired of inviting strangers into his bed, he wants a permanent third, and in is mind, that’s always been Hunter.

On Christmas Eve, all three will come together and discover the combination of love and lust that has been brewing just beneath the surface for all of them. They will discover that there was more to the night that Hunter left without a word.

***I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***