Anna Zaires – Close Remembrance

Close Remembrance by Anna Zaires

Series: The Krinar Chronicles #3
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The stunning conclusion to the critically acclaimed series that has won thousands of fans!

When a ruthless enemy finally strikes, Mia and Korum will face the biggest test of their relationship yet. But it’s Korum’s own secrets that may ultimately tear them apart.

From the beaches of Costa Rica to a planet in a distant galaxy, theirs is a love story that may change the world . . .


A finale that packs a punch!!

This was a brave departure in format from the previous books in the series. The Point of View is split three ways and the structure divided into acts. But the bravest thing of all – erasing your main characters memory in the first 100ish pages of the the final book in the series?!?! Crazy!

The narrative was fast paced for the first third of the book, then slowed to a crawl for a while (which is why I couldn’t rate it higher.) The quality of the story began to pick up once Korum and Mia’s family made their way to Krina… That’s right – Space Travel!

Once again, the author weaves a beautiful, complex visual of her Alien worlds and technologies which take this entire series to an unexpected and highly entertaining level that was surprising and refreshing for the genre of Paranormal Romance.

This series is certainly worth a read!

Anna Zaires – Close Obsession

Close Obsession by Anna Zaires

Series: The Krinar Chronicles #2
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Lenkarda – the main Krinar colony on Earth – Mia is completely at Korum’s mercy. With no way to leave and no idea how to operate even the most basic Krinar technology, she has no choice but to trust the K who brought her there – the lover whom she had betrayed.

Will he keep his promise to bring her home, or is she destined to be his prisoner forever? Can a human become a part of Krinar society? Does Korum love her, or does he only wish to possess her?

Read on to find out . . .


The saga of Mia & Korum continues!!
…and I’m still loving this Alien Erotica series…

How could she still feel like this after what he had put her through, after he had manipulated her like that? What kind of a person was she, to fall in love with an alien who had completely taken over her life?

She felt disgusted with herself, yet she couldn’t help it. When he smiled like that, she could almost forget everything that happened in the sheer joy of simply being with him.

The sequel to Close Liaisons picks up right where we left off in book one. Mia must face the consequences of her involvement with the Human Resistance movement which attempted to overthrow the Krinar.

The second book in the Krinar Chronicles places an emphasis on outside forces attempting to tear apart Human/Krinar relations as well as the budding relationship between Korum and Mia.

With Mia landing inside the Alien colony in Costa Rica, the reader is introduced to more Krinar culture and technology. This is certainly the author’s forte – she consistently offers creative and detailed descriptions which help to create an interesting and elaborate visual…

The reader is introduced (Through Mia’s experience) to language implants, detailed virtual reality simulations, impressive domestic technology, personal intuitive computers, and medical breakthroughs. In addition, The Krinar’s Social and Political hierarchies are explained in detail.

I did feel, however, that the bit about Krinar evolution as a species was incorporated awkwardly in comparison to the Author’s generally seamless style.

The brief outside perspective of the mysterious Krinar traitor scattered throughout the book were a nice touch.

Anna Zaires – Close Liaisons

Close Liaisons by Anna Zaires

Series: The Krinar Chronicles #1
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A dark and edgy romance that will appeal to fans of erotic and turbulent relationships…
In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us – and we are completely at their mercy.

Shy and innocent, Mia Stalis is a college student in New York City who has led a very normal life. Like most people, she’s never had any interactions with the invaders – until one fateful day in the park changes everything. Having caught Korum’s eye, she must now contend with a powerful, dangerously seductive Krinar who wants to possess her and will stop at nothing to make her his own.

How far would you go to regain your freedom? How much would you sacrifice to help your people? What choice will you make when you begin to fall for your enemy?


I loved this bit of Alien Erotica!
It was made all the more enjoyable because I kept expecting a “probe” joke, but it never came… Well played…

“It was difficult to believe that just four days ago, she was dreading her sociology paper, and worrying that her dating life was in the dumps. And now she was trying not to get caught spying on a two-thousand year old extraterrestrial who likely wanted to keep her as a sex slave.”

My inner-snarky-book-reviewer insists that I roll out the phrase “Space Vampire Erotica” because the whole idea of that sounds ridiculous…

But here’s the thing – this book featured a carefully crafted Science-Fiction world, and was a refreshing departure from the usual characters of Paranormal Romance.

Admittedly, there was some suspiciously familiar “naive college girl seduced by a powerful Alpha-Male” thing going on (which is why I gave four stars rather than five) but you know what? It was a FREE eBook, and it was a good read. Go pick it up.

I’m the first to admit that this book probably won’t appeal to the masses, but I thought it was awesome!

The Breakdown:
In the near future, aliens land on Earth for a (mostly) peaceful mission of colonizing our world. It is revealed that humans are the creation of this alien civilization known as the Krinar. Our entire species – our creation and evolution – is known to the Krinar as the biggest science experiment in the history of the universe.

Meet Mia, a NYU Psychology student who meets a Krinar by chance in Central Park. What follows is an edge-of-your-seat close encounter which puts Mia face to face with an Alpha-Male Alien, Human Resistance Fighters, Crazy Alien technology, Espionage, and one moment for her to change the fate of the entire Human race.

Oh, and it’s super sexy – Korum the alien is built like a human… a very gifted human… No tentacles involved.