Vanessa Fewings – Cameron’s Contract (Review, Excerpt, Thoughts from the Author, & Giveaway)

Cameron’s Contract by Vanessa Fewings

Series: Enthrall Novellas #2
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Author
My Rating 4.5 of 5 Stars

Enemies swirl. Boundaries break. Love shatters.

The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath. Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal. For his true wealth is his intellect.

Words bind, and once ink soaks paper, lives change.

With Cameron’s Contract, the second novella in the bestselling Enthrall Sessions, author Vanessa Fewings raises the stakes and deepens the passion for a world renowned psychiatrist and his beloved submissive.

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Another fantastic book in a highly recommended series!

In my world, our self-inflicted bondage with chains, cuffs, and ropes was never about containment, but freedom, a letting go.

An allowing.

Finding freedom through another and proving without a doubt we are not islands of being, but needful of each other.

And God how I needed her.

This novella was amazing! I’m so in love with these characters, and I finished this book with a huge grin on my face.

Note to the reader: I recommend reading the Enthrall Sessions Series and the first Enthrall Novella before picking up this gem of a story. For readers who are not up to speed through the last Novella, you will find spoilers in this review.

The previous novella ended in a cliffhanger as glorious as it was frustrating. I knew without a doubt that this story was going to pack an emotional punch. It was flawlessly written, gripping, and completely un-put-down-able.

We were treated once more to a 100% Cameron Cole POV with this story. His character is such a joy to read. Dr. Cole puts an eloquent and captivating spin on the alpha-male POV. I fall for his character a little more with each page.

That being said, this story saw Dr. Cole unravel quite a bit. The stress of work, family, legacy, and love come to a boil in this novella, and a very frazzled Cameron Cole is struggling to sort out his thoughts and feelings.

The added suspense was reminiscent of the nail biting third book in the enthrall Sessions Novels, Enthrall Him – There were twists and turns which kept me on my toes. The Cole Empire was poised to fall down around everyone’s ears, and Cameron was forced to take a good hard look at his priorities.

We knew that Cameron Cole was whip-smart. We’d seen him ply his trade at Chrysalis – His brand of Psychology is fascinating and controversial. In these one-on-one encounters Cameron Cole shines brightly, but the challenge of brand new adversaries brought forth an intense and extraordinary version of out favorite Psychologist.

I need to share the quote that ended Cameron’s Control and led us into Cameron’s Contract so you get a feel for the intensity:

“I’m going to get my girl back. And then I’m going to drop a psychological nuclear bomb on those fuckers.”

“Who? The board of directors or the Herron brothers?”

I clenched the steering wheel. “Both.”

The force of opening up the Bugatti to full speed propelled us back in or seats.

Mia was more than my lover, she was my life, and I was willing to do anything to save her.


This episode of the Enthrall Novellas presents Cameron Cole with the chance to show us what he’s really made of. We see him use his legendary skills to profile the Board of Directors of Cole Tea. For a man who has steadfastly avoided his birthright, Cameron took on the challenge of saving the company with the single-minded focus generally reserved for Mia 😉

There’s not a whole lot more I can tell you about the plot of this book with out dropping spoiler-y hints. We know that there will be additional novellas in this series, but it will probably be a while before we come back to Cameron and Mia as the primary focus. The next novella will star Richard Booth, so I hope all you #TeamBooth fans are ready for his triumphant return!

Personally, I’m excited to see Shay get his own story *whispers* His will probably be MMF *squee!* Vanessa Fewings has a gift for shining light on secondary and tertiary characters – she has me quite curious about the enigmatic former marine, as well as the staff at Enthrall & Chrysalis.

There’s so much more to be explored in this richly detailed world, but I was incredibly satisfied with the ending to this novella.

Dr. Cole, you are one swoony bastard.
and you’re still at the top of my Book Boyfriends list.

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A Note from Vanessa Fewings:

Hi Shurrn,

Thank you so much for inviting me over to The Smutsonian! I’m thrilled to be visiting and feel so welcome over here. I have even kicked off my heels and poured a glass of red!  😉

It’s an eventful week for me with the release of the second Enthrall Sessions novella, Cameron’s Contract, the follow-up to Cameron’s Control. I’m so pleased to see fans of the series enjoying reading from Cameron’s point of view.

And the storytelling doesn’t end there. I have to tell you, there’s nothing more awesome than having readers ask me, “What’s next?”

The answer? Plenty!

In the coming months, I’m going to be writing Richard’s Reign, followed by two more novellas as spin-offs in the same world. After that, I really feel Mia Lauren will get another novel. She’s a wonderfully enigmatic character, and I love spending time with her and I know my readers do as well.

With that, I hope everyone enjoys my latest story, Cameron’s Contract. The dashing psychiatrist truly holds a special place in our hearts. Cameron is eager to share even more on this incredible journey. The passion has never been more intense, and he has a few surprises in store.

I want to thank you, Shurrn, and all the other bloggers, reviewers, and readers who share news of the Enthrall Sessions.



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This Buddhist term loosely translates into the word suffering, a feeling of being unsettled, or off kilter.

To be free of dukkha, one is advised to behave decently, not act on impulse, and function mindfully. The opposite of this best described me right now, with my grip tight around the Bugatti Veyron’s wheel, feeling impulsive and full of rage, with no intention of any decency.

I was going to fucking kill someone.

And the only way to end this suffering was to get Mia back—my lover, my beautiful, sweet submissive—who was driving my BMW ahead of us way too fast.

Barely twenty-one, and the most beautiful woman I’d ever known, her sweet nature miraculously remained untouched despite all she’d been through.

Shay’s focus roamed from his laptop balanced on his knees, where he tracked the car, to back on the road. His intense concentration was a change from his usual humorous self, but, as my head of security and proven techno genius, he knew I was on tilt. My woman was driving into danger, and if that small red blip was correct we were about to lose her.

As an ex-SEAL, Shay wasn’t a stranger to all this drama, though he did squirm when our speed hit a hundred.

I loosened my necktie, self-hate welling in my gut.

“Which one’s the air conditioner?” Shay’s hand hovered over the dashboard. “This looks like a flight panel.”

I turned the air up for him, and weaved around the car in front.

My focus remained on not hitting any of the other cars, but evening traffic barely lightened up.

A promise had been broken.

I’d told Mia I’d protect her from the wolves and never again would anyone hurt her. Yet here she was heading into danger, willing to face off with an old enemy, and all this was to protect me. I knew this with certainty.

It started with that sinister appearance of Adrian Herron a few days ago outside Badgley Mischka. Mia refused to talk about it. My miscalculation came in not pushing her to open up about it. Now I knew without a doubt it had been him. This bastard had murdered her mother and then left a fourteen-year-old Mia to carry the guilt. Her past had caught up and I’d not seen it coming.

An innocent morning shift working at Charlie’s Soup Kitchen had put Mia in jeopardy, and despite having my driver Leo watch her from inside the cafeteria, and Shay’s team guarding the property from outside, Adrian’s younger brother Decker had infiltrated my charity café, cloaked as a staff member. He’d gotten to Mia, and intimidated her into silence.

Decker Herron had snatched Mia’s collar off her, right there in Charlie’s Soup Kitchen, leaving the scar on the nape of her neck to prove it. I’d been so full of jealousy I’d missed the most importance piece of evidence. The kind that would have elicited questions and prevented Mia from ever leaving my Beverly Hills home and trying to deal with this herself. I’d believed her lie about how she’d sustained that small abrasion.

“Let’s call it in.” Shay glanced over at me. “Please, Cam.”

“I’m handling it—”

“This should be me. My men—”

“Mia is my woman—”

“You’re too invested, Cam. You’re emotional right now. Understandably, but still. Will you please slow down!”

“And risk losing her?”

“It’s a good idea to turn up alive.”

I eased up on the gas, not least because my dashboard blinked to indicate a cop car was fifty feet ahead.

“Your team as well as Leo were meant to be watching her,” I snapped. “No one noticed Mia enter Charlie’s wearing a choker, yet when she left—”

“We fucked up.” He tapped the laptop in frustration. “They’re meant to make a note of every detail, including what she’s wearing, incase…”

“She goes missing?”

“I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry. Men will be fired. I can promise you that.”

I knew what had happened.

Leo had assumed the team outside was watching Mia, and the same went for them. After all, Leo was ex-military too. With his experience, they’d assumed an ex-marine had what it took to watch over a young woman for three hours. Or so you’d have thought.

“I’ve let her down,” I said.

“I take full responsibility.” He pointed at the screen.  “We’re closing in on her.”

“Where did she go?”


“She’s under a bridge.” I sounded calmer then I felt.

Shay refreshed the screen. And then again. “There she is. We’ve got her.”

I let out a slow, steady breath.

“We need a gun,” I said. “Have one of your men meet us there.”

“If she gets to that house before us, you’re not going in, Cole.”

My jaw tensed and I ignored him.

“She’s heading off the freeway.” He pointed. “Next exit.”

I navigated the car across three lanes.

“I showed Mia the address of where her collar is on my phone and she committed it to memory.”

“She’s super smart, Shay. Everyone underestimates her. She’s gone through my entire collection of books by Joseph Campbell, and she’s currently obsessed with the work of Milton Erickson.”

I turned left onto the street and cursed when we hit a red light, willing it to change and close to running it.

“I know you love her,” Shay said.

Mercifully we got a green and I touched the gas, propelling us through the cross street. 

“She’s different, Shay.”

“I know.”

“If anything happens to her—”

“Well we taught her a few self-defense moves back in London.”

“That means nothing.” I gestured to the screen.

He glanced back “Behind us. Back up.”

I threw the Bugatti into reverse, wheels squealing as we flew backwards.

I hit the brakes and peered over.

The BMW was parked. Headlights off.

Mia was gone.

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Vanessa Fewings has graciously offered to giveaway both Enthrall Novellas to one lucky Smutsonian Reader! Click here to enter:

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About the Author:

Website | GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Google +tsū

Vanessa Fewings is the bestselling author of the highly acclaimed erotic Enthrall Sessions.

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Her romantic comedy Piper Day’s Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney, has already garnered a buzz of excitement from readers around the world. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband. Literary Manager: Amy Schiffman at IPG Blank Banner


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