Tara Crescent – Freed (Review & Excerpt)

Freed by Tara Crescent

Series: Assassin’s Revenge #3
Source: Review By Request
ARC Provided by Author
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have a mission. Kill the man who kidnapped me. Kill the guards who raped me. I have guns and knives and I’m not afraid to use them. Nothing will stop me.

Then I walk into a bar and I notice him. He is gorgeous. For four long years, my only response to anything sexual has been revulsion and fear. This time, it feels different.

I could use him. I want to use him. I could sleep with him and make a pleasurable memory as a counterpoint to the painful ones. I’m not a frightened young girl anymore. I’m a trained assassin, capable of killing him with my bare hands.

This time, I’ll be in control.

He’s just supposed to be a distraction, this mysterious man in the bar that I have a one-night stand with. But I can’t predict the secrets he is hiding… secrets that are about to intersect my world in painful, unanticipated, and dangerous ways.

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This. Book. Delivered.

I had put myself though Madame Lorraine’s auction for this, steeling myself when I found out Alexander and Marc were the same person. Everything had led up to this moment.

Holy Hell!

This series is fucking fabulous! So much suspense – each book has kept me on the edge of my seat, but none more than Freed.

I’ve been waiting for two things to happen with this series:

1. For Ellie to finally come clean to Alexander about who she is, what she’s doing, and why she’s plotting to kill Dylan McAllister.

Since this adventure has been dual POV, we know that Alexander would completely support her desire to eliminate Dylan, no matter the reason.

The secrets they’re keeping from each other have injected a lot of angst and uncertainty into their fragile relationship. It adds to the suspense in the best possible way, and I’ve been holding my breath waiting for the big reveal.

2. I have been dying to know Alexander Hamilton’s whole story – Ellie has been very forthcoming in her POV throughout the series. She tells the audience exactly what she went through and what her goals are.

Alexander, on the other hand, holds his cards closer to his chest. He’s been feeding us hints and snippets about his business, but never the whole story.

Until now.

Yes folks, it all came crashing down in this book.
Ellie’s cover is blown.
Alexander spills his secrets.

Nothing happened as I expected it to. Tara Crescent has really kept me on my toes with this series.

I loved this book, and I’m hating the ending so hard right now! I’m immediately jumping into the finale because I might go crazy if I don’t find our what happens with Alexander and Ellie!

Dramatic reenactment of me reading the Epilogue in Freed:

Yeah, it was like that… totally wrecked… In a good way 🙂

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The rope should have scared me. The thought of being immobilized, unable to fight back, should have made me stiff with panic. It didn’t.

I kept my eyes on him. I felt my lust roll off me in a tidal rush of waves, in a bone-deep desire, in a heavy languor that permeated my entire body.  I felt his pleasure at my response, his own sharp want rising in the face of my unhidden need.

“Should I take off my bra and panties?” My voice was soft and hesitant. Not afraid. Just submissive. As if I was holding my trust out to him, waiting for him to take me and hold me and keep me balanced at the edge, but always, always safe.

His answering look was hard against my softness. “What you should do,” he said, with pointed emphasis and a sharp slap to my lace-covered ass, “is speak when you are spoken to.”

My teeth worried at my lower lip. His finger stroked me there, in calm reassurance. Relax, he seemed to say. I’ve got you.  And this time, probably for the first time, I believed him.

He got on his knees in front of me and patiently wound the rope around my ankles. When he was done, I tested for range of movement. Nothing pinched, nothing pulled, but I also couldn’t move my legs apart. The process was repeated just above my knees, securely binding them together as well.

I cocked my head to one side, wondering what he was up to. With the way I was tied, legs pressed together, he was going to have a really difficult time fucking me, which was an incredible pity. I really, really wanted him to take me. Hard and fast, his cock doling out its own punishment.

In shock, I realized I was actually fantasising about this. I needed to see what submission felt like, when offered freely to a partner that I trusted. When I wasn’t a slave, beaten and coerced into compliance. When it was Alexander to whom I surrendered.

He got to his feet unhurriedly and moved behind me in silence. I kept quiet, my chest rising and falling with each breath I took. The diamond glistened in the valley between my breasts. I wanted to remind Alexander once more that he should probably put it somewhere safer, but I refrained from speech. My Dominant had wanted me silent and I would obey. I needed to.

“Hands behind your back,” he said. I obediently laced them behind me and his skillful fingers wound rope around my wrists and just below my elbows.

I was well and truly helpless now.

Alexander took a step back and surveyed me with a grin. “Now,” he said, “we can begin the punishment.” He guided me towards the bed and helped me lie down. The position was awkward, my tied hands preventing me from lying flat on the bed, but I didn’t care. His hand closed over my bra-clad breast and that was the only thing that I could pay attention to.

If this was punishment, he could punish me every single day.

Each rough touch sent a thrill of delight through me. He pulled at my nipples, through my bra, then when he grew impatient, he pushed the fabric aside and pulled my aching breasts free and lowered his mouth on each nipple, biting, sucking, kissing, loving. I couldn’t hold back the moans; I couldn’t stop writhing around on the bed. I heard him growl as he watched my body move on the mattress. “Do you like that, cherie? Do you like waiting for your punishment?”

I made a whimpering noise that was half-assent, half-protest.

“Come,” he said, settling himself more securely on the bed and pulling my body till I lay across his lap, ass up in the air, arms bound so that I couldn’t reach back and stop him from spanking me.

But I didn’t want to stop him. I ached for the feel of his hard palm against my ass. I wanted to feel the heat rise on my skin, the sharp pain fading into a slow burn. I yearned for him.

Not yet. He liked me to wait. His hand traced firm strokes over my skin.  I felt his fingers tease the bottom edge of my panties, slide beneath the lace to touch my flesh. Then he tugged at the waistband, and the gusset of the panties tightened against my pussy lips. “So wet,” he growled. “Do you know your panties are soaked, cherie? Do you like lying across my lap like this?”

I could feel his erection against my lower belly. His desire inflamed me. Emboldened me. I shifted so that I would rub against him and when I spoke, my voice had a tone in it that I hadn’t heard before. I sounded like a woman who was secure with being wanted. A woman who wasn’t afraid of being the object of this man’s desire.

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About Tara Crescent:

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Hello, I’m Tara Crescent. By day, I’m a mild-mannered corporate drone in Toronto, but by night, I’m limited only by my imagination; I sit and I type, and I am a daring writer of BDSM, erotica and romance.

I’m a huge believer in happily-ever-after, but tempered by real life, where happily-ever-after is possible, but takes work.  My favorite kind of romance stories are ones that are somewhat believable; I like strong men and women who know what they want out of life, and are driven to get it.

In my spare time, I write of course. I also read, garden, travel, cook, and almost never clean. I just started watching Walking Dead on Netflix (zombie erotica, anyone?), and I’m impatiently awaiting the next episode of Doctor Who. (I would kill for a TARDIS.)

From time to time, I blog about what I’m writing at my blog. The blog is also where I post book excerpts; highlight information about upcoming promotions, and so on and so forth. Follow me there to keep up with all the fun! (Oh, and sign up for my mailing list – I send out free stories every month or so.)

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