Vanessa Fewings – Cameron’s Control (Review & Excerpt)

Cameron’s Control by Vanessa Fewings

Series: Enthrall Sessions #4
Series: Enthrall Novellas #1
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Author
My Rating 5 of 5 Stars

Passion has a price. Fortune has a fate.

In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates.

One woman has pierced his infamous armor and unexpectedly seized his heart. Her reward? Everything a submissive could desire: A master’s total protection, unconditional love, and a ceaseless romance that continues to transform her by the day. Cameron demands complete submission, and he will get it.

He has everything a man could want. Everything a woman desires. But every master is put to the test.

Cameron’s arrives in the form of a past love. The woman who once suffered immeasurably when he refused to marry her, now seeks revenge. If she can’t lay claim to Cameron, no one can.

This woman is dangerous. She has secrets. Secrets about his current submissive. About those close to him. Secrets that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

The choice will have to be made: business or love? The rule of an empire? Or the heart of a woman?

Cameron’s Control in the first novella in the acclaimed erotic romance series The Enthrall Sessions by Vanessa Fewings.

With this new story, Fewings continues to expand the seductive world that has captivated readers around the globe, a collection that includes the three novels Enthrall, Enthrall Her, and Enthrall Him.

Cameron Cole has returned… and he’s waiting for you.

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Rejoice fans of the Enthrall Series!
Dr. Cameron Cole is back in all of his dark, sexy, broody billionaire glory…

I was consumed by this ecstasy tearing through me.

This was what it was to love with out barriers.


I’m thrilled to tell you that this story is written 100% from Dr. Cole’s POV! Being inside his head was such a treat, a back stage pass to the enigmatic Cameron Cole was just what I needed.

Friendly advice: don’t start the Enthrall Novellas if you didn’t read the three Enthrall Sessions Novels (beginning with Enthrall) Those books tell the complicated and wonderfully kinky backstory which led to Cameron and Mia’s current relationship status.

This book overlaps just slightly with Enthrall Him, and tells Cameron’s story of discovering Mia on that California beach on New Years Eve – all the angst washing away in the surf, leaving behind new love in its wake.

This is the start of their happily ever after.

Dr. Cameron Cole

I’d found her.

The one.

I knew it in the depth of my soul.

Even if the journey had been harrowing, there was no doubt Mia was worth every angst filled moment until I’d been able to call her mine.

Dr. Cole is not prince charming – he’s wonderfully, beautifully flawed. Overly asshole-ish and stubborn at times, and there were moments when I really wanted to punch him in his perfect face.

He’s absurdly smart, a gifted psychologist, and philanthropist. He’s classy and sophisticated in a way that can only be achieved from a lifetime of living in luxury.

Consider this – When I started the first novel in the series, Enthrall, I had an extreme dislike (maybe even a little hatred) of Cameron’s character. Three novels of brilliant character development later and Dr. Cole sits proudly on my list of top book boyfriends.

He is one seriously swoony bastard.
He lords his sexuality over the masses, revels in his bachelorhood.
He owns the most affluent and secretive BDSM Club in America.
He’s a world renowned Dom, trusted with training countless submissives.

He thought he’d play matchmaker – he found and trained the perfect woman to compliment his best friend, but he never expected to fall for her too.

And when Cameron Cole falls,
He falls HARD.

Mia Lauren

The objective to find the right applicant had gone… swimmingly. Right up until the point I’d fallen for her. All I had to do was train her. Break her. Prime her. Ready her.

Tame her.

But she’d trapped me instead.

My once ironclad will was tossed into disarray.

Mia and I struggled to see eye to eye over the course of this series. As her character flourished, I saw a spark of something feisty and lovely within her. As she grew throughout these books she gained confidence and self esteem and became a charming young woman.

I had forgotten just how young she is… A fresh-faced naïve twenty-one years old. I don’t usually connect with the virginal archetypes. They tend to be trope-y and frustrating, especially when an author thrusts one into a D/s dynamic…

Luckily (for the reader) Mia’s innocent smile hides a dark past full of guilt and anguish and all those wonderfully horrible memories that make a character interesting.

She held the sole POV during the first three Enthrall novels.
Vanessa Fewings took a risk by turning over the reigns to Cameron’s point of view, but it was a great decision.

This series is beautifully written,
The characters are complex, flawed, and interesting,
It’s detailed in a way which is immersive and shines brightly,
and its so incredibly sexy. Gloriously sexy. Drool-worthy Sexiness…

“I distinctly recall telling you I’d overpower every aspect of your life. Completely dominate you, and while I was at it I’d most likely fuck you half to death.”

I was already a fan of this series, but I was still blown away by this story…

And be warned, there is a mean cliffhanger at the end of this novella, but I have it on good authority that we won’t be waiting long for the next novella, Cameron’s Contract.

I’ll be impatiently waiting for more Cameron Cole until that day comes.

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WARNING: Big spoilers ahead for anyone who has NOT read the first three Enthrall Sessions Novels! You’ve been warned. xoxoxoxo


DELICATE RUBIES IN Mia’s collar caught the light.

I’d rested it on a red velvet pillow atop the side table so she could see it from where I’d stood her at in the center, secured and bound. Stripped of her dress, she merely wore her bra and panties. Her arms were outstretched on either side of her, her wrists restrained in leather cuffs, but her ankles free.

This device was the Italian designer’s take on a chrome Saint Andrew’s Cross, only this one had moveable parts to ensure the sub could be placed in any stance a master desired. Strung up, legs splayed, bent over, or ass merely curved. The ultimate apparatus to ensure a sustained tension and the means to provide resistance free access from any angle.

Mia looked beautiful standing upright and held captive against the gold plated arms of the device. Her cheeks were flushed, her breaths came short and sharp, and her breasts rose and fell with each gasp. Those blonde locks cascaded over trembling shoulders. Her pensive expression fired my dark need to pleasure her in the midst of her confinement.  

I stripped off my shirt and stood barefoot before her.

Watching. Waiting. Gaging. 

Following her gaze as she looked around.

Chrome walls, foreign accruements that she’d have no idea about, that low hung blue droplet chandelier in the center throwing off a glittering light. That four poster bed I’d let her sleep on later. Perhaps. Or maybe I’d keep her awake and not waste a second of having her in here.

Her frown proved she was wondering about that red door at the end and where it led.

“This room is sacred,” I told her. “It belongs to us. And us alone. There will be no talk of the world outside while we are in here. Or anyone other than us. Do you understand?”

She gave a nod.

“You have a question?”

She lowered her gaze.

I neared her and rested a fingertip beneath her chin and raised her head to look at me. “You’re asking for proof of my love?”

She gave off a mixture of nervousness and anticipation—swooning. 

“Mia, while we are in here you are my property. In here, I own you. You will do what I tell you without hesitation. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

A thrill ran up my spine to see her entering subspace.

I pointed to her collar. “What does this mean?”

She hesitated.

“Mia.” I reached around her waist and ran my fingertips up her spine. “The sub who wears my collar will be worshiped, cherished, spoiled, nurtured, protected, punished, and pleasured beyond all understanding.”

She trembled against me.

“In here you are my property, yes, and you have every right to fear me. I am a stern master and will expect the very best from my sub.” I pointed upward. “Up there, out in the world, you will wear my collar. It represents you are mine. I will share everything I have with you. I will listen to you, anticipate your needs, and give you everything you want to be happy and fulfilled.”

Her eyelashes flickered. “Your girlfriend?”

I kissed her nose. “My lover. Everyone will know you are mine. Such a position carries status and power.”

I could see in her eyes she wanted to know if we’d ever be more. We weren’t there yet, and I wasn’t sure we’d ever be. Mia’s fear of abandonment proved she needed the kind of reassurance only a proposal could carry.

My passion was intense and it wasn’t the first time a woman needed reassurance that this level of emotion would endure—a physical relationship that fulfilled a woman entirely.  

I’d once been told that after the time spent with me was over it felt like the equivalent of drowning for the sub. The reality of finding a master with my exact talents was rare apparently, leaving women starved of that which they’d be exposed to. Refusing to hold back on the blinding pleasure I’d bestowed on them didn’t exactly make it easy.

The present moment drew me back.

I reached up and unclipped Mia’s wrists, releasing her. “What do you desire?”

Mia stepped away and scurried over toward her collar. She lifted it off the pillow and placed it around her neck. She returned to me and spun around for me to secure the catch.

“Master.” She knelt before me.

I moved away from her toward the light switch and dimmed the vault, setting the scene before strolling over to the walled wireless system. Hans Zimmer oozed from the surround sound speakers. A hypnotic, moody piece that filled the room with vibration.

Making my way back to her, I rested a hand on the top of her head. “Stand.”

I grabbed Mia’s bra and ripped it off her and it made her jolt. I knelt and did the same with her panties, leaving her naked and running a hand over the curve of her buttocks.

From the corner trunk, I removed the long strands of fine, strong rope. Taking my time, dissolving into the ritual, I began the process of binding Mia, using intricate geometric patterns around her curves, having mastered the art of Shibari a long time ago. This ancient form of Japanese bondage was once reserved for beloved prisoners. The technique was so complex and time consuming it was reserved only for our most cherished.

I weaved the last rope around her breasts. “Well done, kitten,” I said huskily.

Mia swooned, that telltale soft blush on her chest proving she was rope drunk.

I continued on, binding her wrists together and then reaching for the four golden link chains hanging from the ceiling.

Clipping them methodically, two to her upper back and two to the rope encircling her hips, I secured her. Reaching up for the central chain and giving it a tug, she tilted face downward and her toes left the ground. This beautiful creature was suspended with her thighs parted, her panting revealing her adrenaline had spiked in her veins.

I yanked the main gold chain to my left and Mia jolted upward. Continuing to pull, Mia went higher still, until she hung twenty feet in the air.

I admired my handiwork of a floating beauty suspended midair. Her pussy flinched with excitement. 

I called up to her. “If you ever break one of my rules again, this is how I will punish you.” 

“Yes, master.” Her chest rose and fell with tiny rapid breaths.

“This,” I said firmly, “is what it means to trust.”

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About the Author:

Website | GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Google +tsū

Vanessa Fewings is the bestselling author of the highly acclaimed erotic Enthrall Sessions.

Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Her romantic comedy Piper Day’s Ultimate Guide to Avoiding George Clooney, has already garnered a buzz of excitement from readers around the world. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband. Literary Manager: Amy Schiffman at IPG Blank Banner


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