Ella Frank – Trust

Trust by Ella Frank

Series: Temptation #3
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

TRUST – verb: to believe in the reliability, truth, or strength of another.

Up until now, Logan Mitchell has never had much of a reason to trust anyone.
Having struggled with a self-identity crisis throughout college, he’s spent the years since then creating a sophisticated facade to present to the world.
It’s an armor he thought was impenetrable—until he met Tate Morrison.
The gorgeous, headstrong bartender he’d sat across from only months ago has taken a tight hold of his heart, and Logan is discovering that it’s time to let go.
It’s time to let someone inside.

After years of placing his dreams on hold for his family, Tate has finally chosen to do what makes him happy and follow his heart.
The one thing he never would’ve imagined was that it would lead him into the arms of a man—and not just any man—the striking, never-takes-no-for-an-answer Logan Mitchell.
Tate has fallen hard, and as his world is turned on its axis and they move forward together, he finds his life becoming more entwined with the confident, successful lawyer.

Even though neither man expected the other, it’s time to trust in their relationship—but not everything comes so easily…

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Sweet mother of Dirty Talk!

“See the corner of the mattress over there?”

Tate focused on the edge of the bed and wondered what he was getting at – then Logan told him.

“Feel free to bite it when I’m fucking you so hard your throat is hoarse from shouting.”

Oh fuck. Trouble had most definitely found him, and its name was Logan Mitchell.

Who doesn’t love a Happily Ever After for a fictional couple we’ve come to love? Logan and Tate’s whirlwind romance reaches a lovely conclusion in the third book of the Temptation series…

Did it live up to my over-inflated expectations of smutty perfection? No, not really… But more on that later.

What this book DID do was prove that there is so much love backing up Tate and Logan’s lust-riffic relationship. I got a little choked up with the warm fuzzies a few times while reading. Oh, and the heat level was absolutely on par with the previous books in the series… Maybe even more!

I might have drooled a little during one particular scene involving a wall of mirrors and Logan’s fabulously filthy mouth…


“You make me so fucking happy. I had no idea I never was before.”

Logan definitely stole the show in this book. His emotional journey buoyed this book when my enjoyment began to wane.

When we left off with the previous book, Logan was introducing Tate as his Partner and readers everywhere were doing a collective sigh of appreciation and may be a few fist-pumps too, because Logan falling in love was lovely to watch.

And he is so in love with Tate – If you had any doubts about Logan’s emotional honesty, they will be completely alleviated with this book.


His desire to be close to Logan, to give everything over to him, should have been alarming, but the fact of the matter was it felt fucking incredible. Being with and wanting Logan were becoming as natural as breathing.

Tate is having a hard time finding his place in Logan’s life – Logan seems to want to move their relationship along at the speed of light – no surprise there. Logan’s a little bossy and not always in a good way.

Tate has plans and goals of his own which don’t necessarily involve Logan’s bed. He’s working toward his ultimate goal of running his own bar.

I’m not going to detail all of Tate’s struggles in this book because it would be monumentally spoiler-y, and that’s not how I roll…

Logan succeeded in turning Tate’s world upside down, and now they’re learning to enjoy the new landscape together

So here’s where it gets tricky:

I think I put a lot of pressure on authors when they’re producing finales, and maybe that’s why I feel so conflicted…

This was a enjoyable read and a solid four-stars, but it didn’t really live up to the previous books. Sure, it was full of warm fuzzies and hot sex (Because this is Logan and Tate, HELLO!), but overall I think this series came in like a lion and went out like a lamb…

While I was fairly satisfied with the way we left off, I think I ultimately wanted more from this book than it had to offer.

I felt like several punches were pulled when it came to tying up loose ends – especially with Tate’s Mother and with Christopher Walker.

We were presented with these potential conflicts and they just sort of petered out. The second half of the book registered as rather flat and anticlimactic in that respect.

It’s not that I thrive on drama or anything, but let’s be honest – Readers like to watch couples overcome obstacles – It solidifies our belief that they will continue to thrive after we close the book.

Trust was fluffy sweet and melt-your-kindle sexy.
It didn’t grab my attention the way the first two books did, so my suggestion to my fellow Logan and Tate shippers:

Just roll with it…
This was still a fun read, I think I just wanted more from it, and maybe that’s completely on me?

Oh well, I’m so glad I got to meet Logan and Tate and get to know them over these three books. I’ve really enjoyed watching their romance unfold into something which transcends the overwhelming lust on which it began.

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