Harper Miller – Ironic (Review & Excerpt)

Ironic by Harper Miller

Series: The Kinky Connect Chronicles, #1
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Author
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

I’ve got a funny story for you. A funny story I need to get off my chest. I can’t share it with any of my friends so, I’m sharing it on a kinky message board full of strangers. Well, it is the Internet …

Although the Internet provides a sense of anonymity, names have been changed to protect the innocent (and not so innocent). Job related details have been distorted to protect my identity, but despite the ambiguous details, this is a true story. A story very worthy of the acronym FML.

*Disclaimer* This is a short erotic comedy. Not a novelette, novella, or novel but a short story.

Ironic is the first installment in The Kinky Connect Chronicles. The Kinky Connect Chronicles are short erotic stories all wrapped up in a neat little bow. No cliffhangers in the lot!

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I give ALL of the stars to this adorable short story.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, my pussy is kind of fantastic. It needs backup singers and a chorus line of dancers. Not even the Rockettes are good enough for my pussy. That’s just how fantastic it is…

You NEED to meet Michelle “Mimi” Montgomery – she tells this salacious story with an utterly captivating voice. I liked her immediately and she continued to delight through the entire story.

Mimi is a phenomenal character – I can’t stress this enough.
Her personality made this book so incredibly entertaining.

I recommend this story to everyone who loves to read the POV of a strong, smart female lead.
There are female characters that are quirky and make us laugh…
Female MCs who you respect – They’re clever and confident…
There are characters who just feel real

And every now and then, the stars align and you meet a character who could be your BFF – they embody all of these traits and more – they’re vibrant and bring an extra dose of awesomeness to a story… THAT is Mimi in a nutshell.

Michelle “Mimi” Montgomery

His abs have abs. They’re like a little Russian nesting doll of abs…

Mimi is an attorney in the big city. She has no time or energy for fluffy romances, but she has needs just like everyone else.
She likes her sex rough.
Her relationships fleeting.
She’s sexy, classy, and confident.
She wont be forced, intimidated, or fetishized.

Mimi picked Aiden from among the profiles on KinkySinglesConnect.com and engages him in a scorching hot hookup – This is her story of how their hookup ended with an “OMG FML” moment.

I won’t spoil a single thing for you. Just know that the sex is jaw-droppingly delicious, the characters are fabulous, and Harper Miller managed to blend heat and humor in a way that will have you smiling and oh so satisfied.

Mimi’s thoughts on blending sex and humor:

I honestly believe if you can’t laugh at some point during sex then you’re probably a bad lay.

…and I believe that if you don’t laugh and enjoy yourself while reading this story, then you’re probably some kind of soulless robot.

I loved every second of this little story – and you will too!

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There’s no reason for a single, thirty-five-year-old woman with intellect, a sense of humor, her own apartment, and a body to die for—such as myself—to not be getting laid on the regular. Well, aside from the fact that I haven’t had much time to date.

I do happy hours, and I go out with my girlfriends when I can spare the time, but still, a steady guy hasn’t happened. What Jason and I have is nice, but he’s not the long-term guy. And as appealing as the opposites-attract ideology is, in an election year, we’d likely want to kill each other. I’ve been told I’m too picky. Why is that always the case? Why do women always get called out for having standards? Like we’re just supposed to fall for any guy who gives us the time of day? Whatever.

My philosophy? Why the heck shouldn’t I be picky? Picking a new man is like selecting a new purse. When you have the means to acquire top quality, you don’t go for bargain-basement brands. Aim high, ladies, aim high. If you can afford the cream of the crop, why not indulge?

I know my worth, so I hold out. One day I just might get lucky, but I’m a realist. There’s no breath-holding over here. True love is overrated. Until a suitable prospect comes along, emergency dick will do just fine.

The closer it gets to one in the morning, the antsier I become. I try to forge ahead with my Good Wife marathon, but I find my attention span isn’t what it was a few hours earlier. Julianna will understand; we can reconvene at a later date.

When I get up for a glass of water, the smooth cashmere moving over my naked flesh makes every step toward the kitchen agonizing. My clit pulsates as the material caresses my nipples. The water quenches my thirst, but I need something stronger. I’m naked, single, and horny in the wee hours of the morning. Bad, bad, bad.

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About the Author:

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Harper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple.

A lackluster love life leaves time to explore new interests, for Harper it is writing. The Sweetest Taboo is her debut novel. In her mind the perfect Alpha male possesses intellect, humor, and a kinky streak that rivals the size of California.

When she isn’t writing, Harper utilizes her graduate degree in the field of medical research. She enjoys fitness-related activities, drinking copious amounts of wine, and going on bad dates.

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