Connie Cliff – One Kink at a Time (Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway)

One Kink at a Time by Connie Cliff

Series: Amanda’s Kinkdom, #2
Source: Review by Request
Copy provided by Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This the sequel to the best-selling Whose Kink Is It Anyway.

Follow Amanda as she plunges into new sexy thrills. In the second installment of Kinky Adventures, she walks in on her husband, with not one — but two lovers. She gets entangled (quiet literally) in an affair with her neighbor, who’s got his own set of kinks. And she even gets to indulge in a threesome of her own. After all, if her husband can do it, why can’t she?

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Short, Hot, Filthy, & Delightfully Taboo…

It was all too surreal for me. My night started with me watching my husband fuck two other people, and it was ending with me being the one who was watched.

So, in the first book of this series, Whose Kink Is It Anyway, we met Amanda. She’s a wealthy twenty-five year old married woman who is at the start of a sexual adventure.

The discovery that her husband had been cheating on her led the pair of them to agree to an open marriage arrangement.

So… If you’re not cool with that type of thing, this book probably isn’t for you.
Adultery isn’t really my jam either, but I knew what to expect when I started the series, and it was easy to just let the fantasy wash over me without the angst… Amanda certainly isn’t feeling any angst about her situation, why should the reader, right? Right!

Moving on!

Amanda and her husband have rules about what sex acts they can enjoy outside of their marriage, and there’s a whole plot-line involving wealthy parents and trust funds they have to be married in order to receive… Anyway, semantics are not important – what IS important is that Amanda is exploring her kinks and we’re along for the ride.

An unexpected canceled flight meant that Amanda returned to her home to discover her husband was entertaining not one, but two lovers – male and female – Amanda watches as her husband engages in an MMF threesome. Amanda is both shocked and aroused as she silently watches the scene unfold.

She’s saved by a phone call from her neighbor – a man who’s tastes run toward bondage and spanking – and she’s off on another kinky adventure, but this one ends with a surprise twist 🙂

This was a quick read – it’s, sexy, dirty, and deliciously taboo.
You already know of you’re the type of reader who will enjoy this sort of kink. It’s a fabulously lusty little story if you can handle it…

No romance; no lessons learned.
Just a good ol’ one handed read, and sometimes that’s exactly what a girl needs. 🙂

Inventory of Kink:
Sex with neighbors,
MMF Menage,
MFM Menage,
FFM Menage,
Oral sex,
Anal sex…

And oh so much more

Amanda still has a lot of kinks to explore and her journey is sure to continue.

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I was bent over the edge of a king size bed. My legs were spread as wide as they could go, ropes on my ankles pulling them taut. The ends of the ropes were tied to the bed’s stocky legs. My arms were pulled forward, and my wrists were tied to the bedposts at the head of the bed. There was a small pillow under my belly, so that my ass was sticking out even farther than it would if it weren’t propped. A ball-gag was in my mouth.

The tingling anticipation of not knowing when he was going to strike me was making my pussy flood with juices. But I knew it was coming soon.


He chose the leather paddle today. One of my favorites.


My ass cheeks burned as the sweet desire circulated through my body. I wanted more. I couldn’t believe how much I’d come to love submitting to Nathan. I craved being spanked when I didn’t see him for too long.

I felt his hands on my buttocks, spreading them.

“You’re so wet, Amanda, it’s unbelievable. You arouse me beyond comprehension.”

His fingers plunged into my pussy, and I moaned, ball-gag muffling my sounds.

“I am so lucky to have found a sub as perfect as you are. Not only are you obedient and open to all of my perversions, but you take pleasure in this kind of recreation, too.”

He pulled his finger out and rubbed the juice over my willing rear opening.

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About the Author:

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Connie Cliff is a writer of sexy and kinky erotic stories. Most of her books can be read as stand-alone stories, with their own HFN endings. Connie’s protagonists are women and men who love to experiment and who enjoy themselves, in whatever situations Connie places them. You will find stories with many themes, including innocent young women who cannot wait to experiment, multiple partner fun, bisexuality, BDSM, and lots of others! Please visit her website on the large iLoveErotica platform, to learn about all of Connie’s books, read her blog, or ask her any questions. Don’t forget to sign up for Connie’s newsletter, because all of the subscribers get a FREE ebook, not available to anyone else. You will also be the first to learn about any new releases or upcoming sales.

Also, be sure to follow Connie on twitter. She loves her fans and always follows back, just tweet to her that you’ve read her book. You can also follow her twitter series #FunWaysToKink to learn more about her research process!

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