Zoey Derrick – Craving Talon (Review, Exclusive Excerpt, 69 Bottles Playlist, & Giveaway)

Craving Talon by Zoey Derrick

Series: 69 Bottles #2
Source: Review by Request
ARC Provided by the Author
My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Rock hard once again with Zoey Derrick’s sizzling hot rock & roll series!

The story picks up as 69 Bottles continues their tour, riding a surge of success thanks to an impromptu duet between Talon and Addison.

It’s a crazy turn of life for Addison Beltrand, who’s always lived to work and worked to live. Now, everything is shifted upside down—and that’s not a bad thing. Stepping on the 69 Bottles tour bus has banished the heartache of her past, and feels like a rocking new beginning.

Talon Carver and Kyle Black couldn’t agree more. The band’s lead singer and manager are falling hard for the beautiful rock chick, and will do anything to keep her in their bed—and between their bodies—forever.

The trio’s blissful bubble is popped by a danger nobody has anticipated. The band’s security team, always watchful for fan attacks on the members, isn’t prepared for what happens to Addison during this leg of the tour. Will Kyle and Talon be able to help save Addison? Or will her fear force her to pack her bags and return to LA?

Everything hinges on her decision…

Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride…

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Absolute Smutty Perfection!
This book will leave you smiling and satisfied….

Am I honestly ready to admit that I’m falling in love with these two very overwhelming, sexy, god like men? Yes I think I am.

…Me too, Addison, me too.

I’m so enamored with this series!

Such a lovely combination of sweet romance, laughter, awesome dialogue, rock star antics, and of course… panty-melting Erotica.

There’s no sophomore slump with this series. Craving Talon picks up right where the last book left off and continues the story of Addison, Talon, and Kyle. I know we’re only two books into this series, but I’ve officially added it to my Favorite Romance Series Bookshelf.

In my review of Claiming Addison (69 Bottles, Book #1) I professed my love for so many of the elements which make this a stand-out story. I don’t want to be redundant, but let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

1. I love a good MMF Romance, and this one is phenomenal.
2. The combination of emotion and humor keep this story light and fun.
3. The lead female MC, Addison is a wonderfully strong character.
4. The split POVs provide insight into everyone’s experiences.
5. The dialog in this series is absolutely extraordinary. Smart, funny, fast-paced, and a joy to read.

I watch as they both smile. “Well, then let’s go so you can eat,” Kyle says with a smirk. “Unless of course you prefer a liquid diet.”
“Oh, for the love of my vagina, you two are too much sometimes,” I tease, dropping my skirt and their jaws drop. “Ha! Three can play at this game.”

MMF Romances appeal to me because they have a certain kind of angst involved in the relationship department. They have to be well-written or everything falls apart. It’s easy to write a spicy threesome, but it takes talent to write an engaging (and at least mildly believable) Romance between three characters.

The reader has to LIKE all three of the parties involved. If any of the three MCs rub the reader the wrong way, we will immediately start hoping that the trio turns into a happy duo.

There are so many pieces of information which must come together to satisfy the reader’s desire to know that this (yes, I know it’s fictional) relationship, however uncommon, is built to last.

That’s a lot of suspension of disbelief. It is hard enough to accomplish a believable love story between two parties…
But this is about THREE.
Three personalities…
Three back-stories…
One relationship…
And, yes, one bed…

Zoey Derrick, in her infinite awesomeness, saw this challenge and said (I assume) “Not only am I gonna write an amazing MMF Romance, I’m going to throw in a curve ball just to make sure everyone knows how awesome I am!”

Are you ready for this?
Double Gay-For-You.

That’s right, folks, Talon and Kyle had their bisexual leanings before hooking up with each other (and Addison) but they never acted on them. This means that BOTH men are navigating brand new emotional and sexual situations.

The fact that all three characters are a little off-balance with this relationship is yet another strength in a long list of reasons I’m loving this series.

Oftentimes an MMF Romance will feature an established couple who bring a third into the fold.

I think it’s sweet that all three characters are finding their way together.

Addison Beltrand

“You’re like air and blood, water and food. Everything I need in my life to survive. You’re my lovers and my friends, and I can’t do any of this without either one of you.

Addison had the majority of the POV in this book, and I still adore her character. She’s everyting I look for in a strong, smart, and funny female MC…

Geez, is there room for a fourth in this relationship?

Her job as the band’s Public Relations agent is taking a bit of a backseat to all the changes in her life.

In the last few weeks she set off on a nationwide tour,
Hooked up with the band’s manager and lead singer (at the same time),
She was thrust into the spotlight with an impromptu duet,
and suddenly she’s an overnight superstar.

Her boss, Cami, is trying to sign her to a record deal,
She is getting her first taste of celebrity,
And her boys just want to keep her in bed…

Talon Carver

Talon learned that he was capable of loving me and he does it very well. He’s rough. He’s gentile. He’s strong and driven. No matter how many times I have him, how long I get to keep him; this craving will never go away.

Talon is the front-man and lead singer for 69 Bottles, and he is on top of the world.

He’s on a nation-wide tour, his band just got their first #1 hit, and every moment off stage is spent with Kyle and Addison. Talon isn’t accustomed to being surrounded by so much love, and he’s determined to soak up every moment of it.

No regrets.
No turning back.

In the last book, Kyle and Talon set their sights on seducing Addison; in this book, the boys are spending more time exploring each other

Kyle Black

Kyle is my lover. Strong, caring and passionate. Always desperate to find new ways to make me happy, both in and out of the bedroom. He’s strong and independent, but like me, he has a craving for Talon that only Talon can satisfy.

Kyle is definitely the calming force in this relationship. He played peacekeeper more than once, and it’s understandable how he could easily take on that role – as the band’s manager, he’s used to keeping everyone in order.

He and Talon have known each other for years, and sliding into a romantic relationship had fewer hiccups than one might expect. It helps that they’re wildly attracted to each other and are eager to experiment…

Oh the experimentation, people!

I have no idea how this book managed to be even hotter than the last book…

We’re talking all kinds of toys, accessories, combinations of MMF, the boys even had some time to themselves…

Which reminds me!
I have one single complaint about this book:
I distinctly remember telling the author that buying a copy of this book should come with a complimentary change of panties… Or at least spare batteries… Alas, there are no book-panty-battery combo packs available. *sigh* I’m a little disappointed 😉

On the non-smutty side of things, I was thrilled that Kyle and Addison finally had a chance to sit down and talk about their shared pasts – Addison’s fiancé, who died years ago, was Kyle’s brother… Addison and Kyle had never met before going on tour together, but it was definitely a topic which needed to be discussed.

I can barely contain my excitement as I wait for the next book.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about a series!

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Smutsonian Exclusive!
A Panty-Melting NSFW Excerpt ftom Craving Talon:

I let Addison’s nipple pop from my mouth and I sit up. Sliding off of the side of the bed, I stand. Addison’s lips form the cutest pout. I smile at her and walk around the foot of the bed and I climb up between Kyle’s legs. Rubbing my hands along his back, he arches, pushing himself deeper inside of her.

Before you go getting all antsy, I’m not going to fuck him, not yet. But I want to show him what I have in mind for us very soon. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, hovering slightly above his ass. Moving with him as he pounds into her. She’s moaning and I can see her muscles tightening. She’s close, very close. I bring my cock to rest along his back, holding him to me, I feel the muscles of his back constrict and relax.

“This is what I want to do to you,” I breathe into his neck; he groans. “I want to fuck you while you fuck her.”

“Yes,” he moans like a porn star.

I feel her legs along my hips and her heels digging into my ass, pushing us both forward and backward as Kyle fucks her.

“Tell me, Kyle, how does she feel squeezing your dick?”

“Fucking amazing,” he breathes and I look down at Addison who is watching us. I lick and kiss Kyle’s neck and her eyes roll up. Her hands go to her nipples and she begins playing with them. I let my hand slide down his chest, brushing his nipple with my fingers and he shivers. I continue downward. My goal is her clit. I want him to make our girl come.

“What about you, angel? You want me to fuck your boy?”

“Yes, oh god yes!” she mewls, her back arching and Kyle’s assault on her pussy increases, I start strumming her clit.

“Oh fuck! I’m…”

“Come for her,” I growl in Kyle’s ear and both of them explode. Addison convulses with her orgasm and Kyle empties himself into her. I let them rest only briefly. “Now, it’s my turn,” I say and Addison shudders.

Slowly Kyle extracts himself from her and I watch as their combined juices pour from her pussy. “Fuck me, that’s hot,” I groan, backing off so that Kyle has room to move. He extracts himself from between us and I slide hard and fast into Addison’s dripping cunt. My balls tighten immediately.

Kyle helps me by sucking her nipple, I lean down and take the other one into my mouth and I feel Kyle’s hand slide to her clit. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock and I know neither one of us will last long. “Harder,” she moans and I pull back and slam into her, hard and fast and she cries out.

Kyle continues to lick at her nipple, fingering her clit and I can tell she’s close. Her muscles around my dick contract. “Are you ready to come?” I ask her.

“Yes, god, please.” She arches her back and I slam into her.

“Then come for me, angel, and come hard.”

Her pussy contracts, sucking me in deeper as I slip in and out of her wet slit. She’s milking my cock as she shatters, her body pulsing with each flick of Kyle’s finger. My balls tighten and my orgasm burns as it explodes, emptying into her.

We all collapse, panting and sated.

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69 Bottles Playlist
by Author Zoey Derrick:


1. 18th Floor Balcony – Blue October

2. It’s Over – Civil Twilight

3. Lying in the Hands of God – Dave Matthews Band

4. What If – Creed

5. Proof of Life – Scott Stapp

6. Home – Sevendust

7. Look After You – The Fray

8. Disaster Button – Snow Patrol

9. All to Myself – Tantric

10: Crack the Shutters – Snow Patrol

11. Broken – Seether Feat. Amy Lee

12. Down – Jason Walker

13. Closer – Kings of Leon

Author Notes:

Broken sung by Seether and Amy Lee is the inspiration behind Talon and Addison signing together.

The songs listed above are a combination of songs that 69 Bottles would have covered in their early years plus songs that I listened to repeatedly while writing the 69 Bottles Trilogy or they inspired the Trio in my mind.

Additional songs on my playlist include the following Bands/Artists: Paramore, Nine Inch Nails, Imagine Dragons, Passenger, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Blake Sheltn and Queen.

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Zoey Derrick loves music so much, she’d like to give one lucky Smutsonian Reader a $15.00 iTunes Gift Card!

We’d like to encourage you to download the 69 Bottles Playlist, but you’re welcome to indulge in whatever music makes you happy!
Click Here to Enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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About the Author:

Website | GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook

It is from Glendale, Arizona that Zoey Derrick, a mortgage underwriter by day and romance and erotica novelist by night, writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.

Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.

Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it.

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again.

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