Sophie Kisker – Refining Fire (Review & Excerpt)

Refining Fire by Sophie Kisker

Series: Finding Home #3
Source: Review by Request
Copy provided by the Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jenny and Liz are free at last. Liz has taken the first tentative steps back into the world while choosing to remain a slave in private to the man who has mastered her heart. Jenny is thrown into the chaos of a province at war and a people who desperately need her to step into the role a woman has never played in their history. Together with Ryan and Michael, the four try to knit back together a country threatened by a madman who will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

Follow Jenny as she reclaims her birthright in spite of the evil that threatens her life and her family, and Liz as she learns to reclaim her independence, even if it costs her dearly. Each couple finds that not even the hottest of fires can destroy the love they have for each other in the end.

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Slavery seemed so simple right now. After eight months of not making any decisions, other than to obey or not to obey, she felt like a prisoner coming out of the darkness who couldn’t handle the light.

There is precious little I can say about this book that won’t be spoilery, so I’ll have to keep this brief…

In the last book our two primary MCs for the series were freed from their position as sex slaves at the Estate of Daniel Weiss, Chairman of Alaine. These two women have completely different backstories, but they’re each experiencing freedom for the first time in quite a while and the dichotomy is jarring to say the least.

Liz Peltier

She realized she felt peaceful, calm, and wonderfully submissive. He felt strong, in control, and humbled by her love.

Liz was taken in as a prisoner of war over four years ago. When her sentence was fulfilled, she chose to stay on as a slave. No doubt, Liz learned that there was a certain freedom and enjoyment to be found in submission… But that’s not all… She also fell in love with Ryan, the slave trainer.

The two tied the knot after Liz was granted her freedom. Liz had chosen to remain submissive to Ryan, even after becoming a free woman. She’s a new bride and an unofficial assistant to her friend and confidant, Jenny Aldriss.

Jenny Aldriss

She desperately wanted to be just a young woman in love for a little while. To be able to forget how precious and short life can be in a time of war.

Jenny was only a slave for eight months, but her rise to freedom seems infinitely more difficult. In the span of a week she was kidnapped, raped, saved, freed, married, and became the first female chairman of a provence in history.

She is not only coping with her freedom, she is struggling to find herself in a position of power – a power even greater than her new husband’s. The newlyweds are trying to find a balance between their public and private lives.

Mistakes are made…
Lessons are learned…
Love is strengthened…

The post-slavery struggle felt not only by Liz and Jenny, but also by their new husbands… THAT element of the book was by far the most captivating and interesting. I could have read a novel and a half of the exploration of life after slavery… Unfortunately, as Jenny rises to power as the new Chairwoman of her provence, there are several outside forces which violently oppose her rule.

[Without getting too terribly spoilery] Jenny becomes a victim to these opposing factions, and at that point I felt that the book began to distract itself from the truly interesting elements:


There was so much character development to do and so many avenues of psychology to explore… I felt that more emphases should have been placed on those elements, as opposed to rehashing the same suspense from previous books…

So there you have it. The book tied a nice little bow on the end of the series, but fell just short of the endless potential available.

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Jenny has had a long day at work and Michael thinks she needs a diversion.  He’s taken her home, ordered her to strip and kneel, and they await their guests.

She heard Liz and Ryan come in, heard them come down the hall, and sensed when they stopped in front of her.

“Well, Liz,” she heard Ryan say, “I think it’s impolite to be more dressed than our hostess is, don’t you?”

Jenny could hear the grin on Liz’s face.

“Yes, Master.” A moment later, Liz joined her on the floor, bare skin brushing against Jenny’s arm and hip, both girls now kneeling submissively before the masters of their hearts.

“Ryan, that is an incredibly beautiful sight. We are really lucky, aren’t we?”

“Yep,” Ryan sighed. “Why didn’t we realize it sooner?”

“Because we’re men, and idiots.”

As if on cue, both girls giggled at that statement.

The two men looked at each other. “You going to let that go, mate?” Ryan inquired to his best friend.

“Hell, no.” And as if they had choreographed their moves, each picked up his respective wife with one arm wrapped around her waist. Michael fell onto the overstuffed lounge chair with a suddenly squirming Jenny laid neatly over his lap. Ryan fell onto the couch with an equally indignant Liz, and as one they raised their large strong hands and brought them smartly down on their girl’s creamy smooth ass. Liz kept her protest to a squeak, but Jenny let out a yelp.

The men paused to admire the perfect red imprint on each other’s wife. “Nice one,” commented Ryan.

“Thanks! Likewise,” quipped Michael. “How many, for impertinence?”

“Impertinence!?” squawked Jenny. “YOU called yourselves idiots. WE just agreed!”

“Jenny! Stop making it worse,” begged Liz from underneath the curtain of hair that hung down to the floor. “Even if it IS true!”

The men heard a giggle and looked at each other with raised eyebrows and grins. This was going to be so much fun.

Without another word, they laid into each girl. It only took a few more smacks for the wiggling and giggling to change to shrieking and struggling. Periodically they would stop the spanking to caress the now-rosy-red flesh on their laps, or to slip a finger in between the pleasingly wobbly cheeks to check for any wetness, or to elicit moans of pleasure.

Jenny was the first to throw her hands up behind to try to block the smacks, and was therefore the first to have both wrists pinned to her back. She struggled even harder, and with a sigh of exasperation, Michael slipped one of his legs out from under Jenny’s and brought it down over her kicking limbs, neatly pinning them in place.

“I don’t think you trained this one as well as that one,” he groused to Ryan.

“Hey, whaddya expect? I trained this one for four years, and that one for only eight months. You can’t perform miracles in eight months you know.”

Jenny started to shriek out an indignant protest, but Michael anticipated it and reached between her legs to tweak her clit, turning her insult into a cry of pleasure instead.

Liz, who wasn’t feeling like being the poster child for a perfect slave right then, took up where Jenny had tried to go. “You had it easy ‘cause I decided I liked being spanked. I’m not usually that easy to tame ooohhhh!!!!!”

Her monologue was rudely interrupted as Ryan placed a flurry of short sharp spanks on a specific spot on one thigh that was going to be very sore for a few days. She abandoned her carefully-held obedience, letting herself yell and flounder around and try to get loose. Ryan, as broad and strong as Liz was small, sighed, grabbed and pinned her swinging arms against her back, and gripped her tighter, continuing to spank.

Jenny, meanwhile, was lost in the erotic haze that Michael had created with his fingers on her clit. As she relaxed, he moved one of her legs out from under his, but kept the other one pinned, forcing her legs apart and making room for further exploration. He teased and tormented her, still keeping her wrists pinned on her back, and she felt the swelling inside grow to a roiling boil –

And the fingers pulled out. “No, please, no, don’t stop, Michael, gods, please!” she begged.

“Nope!” he chuckled. “Impertinent women don’t get orgasms. And don’t you dare trigger one of your own,” he warned.

She twisted around enough to glare at him. “You’re an evil man.”

Michael threw back his head in laughter. “And you’re a brave woman, saying that while I have you in this position.”

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About the Author:

Website | Facebook | GoodReads

Nurse by day, writing recluse by night, Sophie first published her 10-minute-fantasy-turned-into-3-novels on Literotica.  After a ton of encouragement from her fellow writers there, and months of editing, she ventured out into the light with those first three books. She loves to explore the psychology of submission and dominance, delve into her character’s minds, and make them imperfect people who sometimes have apologize for mistakes. Even big bad Doms.

There is a lot more to her books than just sex, though; she knows that if she can’t write a juicy plot that holds the reader’s interest then the book isn’t worth publishing.

She lives in Minnesota with her very patient husband and son.

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  1. Shurrn – thank you for all the time you took to read my three books. I am glad that you liked most of what you read, and I appreciate the candor about what you didn’t. You helped me see the books through an unbiased eye, which is tough for a new indie author who doesn’t have the skills (yet) to be more objective about her first books. I’ll be back eventually with another one, still seeking those elusive five stars!

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