Sophie Kisker – Sanctuary (Review & Excerpt)

Sanctuary by Sophie Kisker

Series: Finding Home #2
Source: Review by Request
Copy provided by the Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What lengths would you go to to stay alive when your whole family has been murdered? Would you give up your freedom?

Jenny Aldriss knows the only person who can keep her safe is her father’s best friend, Daniel Weiss. But even within the walls of his estate, safety is no guarantee. Jenny must become a slave to stay hidden, joining the completely voluntary estate slaves. Trained by Master Ryan, guided by Liz, and secretly watched over by Michael, Jenny finds a strength within that serves her well when circumstances catapult her back into danger.

But Jenny’s story is not the only story to be told. Rejoin Liz and Ryan as they discover that sometimes love can be standing right next to you for years, if you can only admit out loud what your heart already knows.

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Survival through Sexual-Slavery…
An entertaining and thrilling continuation of the Finding Home series. This book layered in the romance and suspense for a much more emotional experience…

“Trust,” she said. “We have to trust them. We can’t give our submission without it. It’s what separates those who make it, and those who don’t.”

This book could technically be read as a stand alone. It is not entirely necessary to read Odyssey before picking up this book, but the characters from book one are woven into this tale so thoroughly that it will greatly increase your enjoyment if you start from the beginning.

If you’re just jumping into this lovely series, I recommend you read my review of Odyssey to gain a better understanding of the elaborate political structure of this land.

Odyssey was Liz Peltier’s story of finding peace and contentment in submission after she is forced to become a sex-slave/political prisoner. Liz’s presence is huge in this book, but the primary narrative centers around a new character – Jenny.

Over the course of this book, Jenny will become a slave in the Weiss estate just like Liz, but her path to slavery is quite different than her mentor’s.

Jenny Aldriss

I’m not new to sex nor am I afraid of it. I’m not afraid of hard work. And I’ll do whatever I need to survive. I don’t see any other option that lets me do that. And being a slave would certainly be bettter than being dismembered piece by piece until I’m grateful to be dead.

Jenny is the only child and treasured daughter of Benjamin Aldriss, Chairman of Orre Province. She has just finished college and is returning to her childhood home when tragedy strikes – her entire household is assassinated.

Jenny barely manages to avoid the attack and sets out to flee her homeland.
She is shaken, scared, and absolutely certain of several things:
1. Her family must have been betrayed by someone close to them
2. Political rival/tyrant Elias Palm must have been behind the vicious attack
3. She must not let anyone know that she survived
4. No one can be on the run forever… She must make a plan…

She needs help…

The only person she’s certain she can trust is her ‘Uncle’.
Daniel Weiss, Chairman of Alaine, was a close friend and ally of her father, and source of love and support throughout Jenny’s childhood.

Jenny devises a way to get coded messages to Daniel, letting him know that she survived the attack and that she needs his help. They are both conscious of the fact that others may be watching, knowing that Jenny would run to Daniel for help… So he sends Michael Andrews to collect his niece and bring her safely and inconspicuously onto his estate for protection.

Michael Andrews

“Figuring out how to stay alive means making tough decisions sometimes, but choosing life over death is almost always the right choice. You’ve survived against all odds so far. Don’t give up now.”

Michael is the heir of Alaine – Protege of Daniel Weiss Master – Next in line to rule the Province.

He didn’t have the opportunity to meet Jenny before she arrived dirty and exhausted from being on the run for weeks. He is impressed by her ingenuity and determination… And if he’s completely honest with himself – he’s a little infatuated by her spirit and beauty.

In order to stay safely hidden on Daniel’s estate, Jenny makes a wild proposition – she could become one of Daniel’s house slaves.

This isn’t an easy decision – she can’t pretend to be a slave. She must assimilate into the lifestyle if she’s going to be successful in hiding among them.

She agrees to be trained by Master Ryan, under the Mentorship of Liz. Michael keeps a close eye on her progress as she learns to submit.

Speaking of Ryan and Liz…

This story incorporated a large does of romance which was absent from the previous book in the series.

“I promise I will always catch you.” Michael peered into her eyes earnestly, leaving his worries unspoken for now.

“How are you going to catch me if you’re jumping too?” she grinned.

He rolled his eyes. “Woman, I’m trying to be romantic here. Play along!”

“Yes, Sir, of course, Sir. Waiting to be caught by you, Sir.”

Yes, there is love in the air at the Weiss estate – even if some of the parties involved haven’t figured it out…

That being said, this book is not your typical romance. There are several aspects of this book which might not be palatable to all readers – this is a sexual slavery situation. It might not be a particularly dark read, but it does contain quite a bit of dub-con and even non-con situations.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story – As a matter of fact, I liked it even more than the first book in the series. Sophie Kisker presents the reader with a unique and engaging world filled with fascinating characters. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story progresses with both of these couples.

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Michael has invited Jenny to his room for the evening.  It’s the first time they’ve been alone together.

He speared a chunk of the chicken and held it out towards her.  She had never been fed before but she didn’t have any problems with it and she leaned forward. She took the delicious bite and closed her eyes in ecstasy.  Yes, the food was good, but it was more than that.  She couldn’t remember having been more content in a long time.

After several bites of chicken and mashed potatoes, he presented her with a forkful of broccoli.  There was only a moment’s hesitation before she opened her mouth but he caught it and pulled the fork back.

“Broccoli, too?” He was referring to her infamous dislike of peanut butter.

“Sir, I will eat whatever is put before me,” she said softly.

“Oh, good girl.  You’ve learned well.  So well, in fact, that I have a deal for you.  One piece of broccoli is worth ten spanks.  I was going to give you four pieces.  So you can choose.  Four pieces of broccoli, or forty spanks – or I suppose we could do two and twenty.”

Damn him.  She didn’t like broccoli, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as peanut butter, and she had eaten it before, so four bites wasn’t that bad…

“Forty spanks, Sir,” she said softly, not entirely sure what she was saying.

“You must really hate broccoli.”  At her silence, he continued, “or maybe you don’t really hate it that much…”

She said nothing. She was pretty sure he was smiling but she was staring at the floor so hard she didn’t see anything but carpet fibers.

He put the plate off to the side and reached down for her hand, pulling her up over his lap.  Her head was resting on the couch and her arms were above her head, and her hips were resting on a serious bulge coming from the center of his perfectly-tailored trousers.

“Keep your arms up there no matter what.”

“Yes, Sir.” She was beginning to wonder if she had made a mistake after all; she had sort of forgotten about his reputation as a serious spanker.  Too late now.

He didn’t start spanking right away, though.  He ran his hands over her posterior.  She had been very good lately and there were no marks on the smooth skin.  His hands wandered down her legs and back up the inside.  Without thinking she parted them slightly to allow better access and she felt his hand slip up into her folds.

“So wet.  So very very wet,” he murmured.  She blushed and turned her face into the couch cushion in embarrassment.  He  reached up and tugged on her ring and a wave rose up in her.

“Ohhh ohh ohh, Sir, please…”  She wasn’t sure what she was asking for, but she knew she wanted it bad.

“Shall I continue, or shall I stop?”

“Sir, please continue, oh, please…”

“Okay, I’ll continue.  But you’re not allowed to come.” And with that he started stroking and tugging gently.

“Aiee!  Sir if I’m not allowed to come please stop please stop please stop…”

“Too late.  I’m just going to amuse myself for a bit…”  And he did.  And since she couldn’t come unless he used the trigger words, she just writhed around on his lap incoherently until he was done.  She was short of breath and had drooled on the couch and her hair was all over the place.  And then he started to spank.

“Now, this is just the warm-up, you realize.  I’ll let you know when I start the forty penalty spanks.”  She could hear the smile on his face again.

After a minute of spanking, it became clear that the term “warm-up” was relative.  She was squeaking and squealing and trying to roll around long before the forty started.  One of her hands came down without her knowledge or consent.  He grabbed it and stopped. 

“Oops. Penalty. Ten more.” She snatched it back and grabbed for a couch pillow and gripped it with her hands like it was a life raft as he started again.

Finally he paused.  “Okay, time to start.  You count.”  She hated counting.  Hated it.  She couldn’t go into herself to get past the pain when she had to count.  Counting also dragged the whole thing out a lot longer.

Smack!   “One!” she yelped.  Forty-nine more of these?

Yep, forty-nine more.  It was the longest spanking she had ever had, barring the punishment in Master Michael’s office the night she tried to leave. 

She screamed and screeched and cried and tried to roll away and lost count more than once.  He stopped from time to time to let her compose herself while he stroked the flaming skin and soothed the burn with his hands. When he was finally done, she lay on his lap, unable to move while he caressed the scorched skin.

“I think a woman’s bottom looks so much prettier when it’s bright red,” he murmured.  She shivered in response.

When she could form a coherent sentence, she turned to look up at him.  “Sir, I think I’ve decided that liking broccoli is so much easier.” 

He threw his head back and laughed long and loud, then leaned down and kissed her shoulder blades.

“I am really glad you don’t like it.”

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About the Author:

Website | Facebook | GoodReads

Nurse by day, writing recluse by night, Sophie first published her 10-minute-fantasy-turned-into-3-novels on Literotica.  After a ton of encouragement from her fellow writers there, and months of editing, she ventured out into the light with those first three books. She loves to explore the psychology of submission and dominance, delve into her character’s minds, and make them imperfect people who sometimes have apologize for mistakes. Even big bad Doms.

There is a lot more to her books than just sex, though; she knows that if she can’t write a juicy plot that holds the reader’s interest then the book isn’t worth publishing.

She lives in Minnesota with her very patient husband and son.

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