Weekend Updates 1/31/15

We are so excited to announce that last week The Smutsonian reached (and surpassed) 25,000 email subscribers!

We are thrilled, honored, and humbled at how many readers are enjoying our blog. We love reading smutty books and we’re so thankful for all of our amazing followers!

But enough about how awesome we are (so much for the ‘humble’ part) we have awesome news for you!

Have you Pre-Ordered this badass anthology yet? Take Me: Twelve Tales of Dark Possession is due out on February 3rd, 2015 and it features some of our very favorite authors. Perfect for lovers of Dark Romances, and an incredible deal! If you bought all twelve books in this Anthology separately, you’d spend over $40, but if you pre-oder, you’ll get the entire collection for only 99¢! This set will only be available for a limited time, so go exercise that one-click finger!

We gave away 3 copes of ALL THREE novels in the Enthrall Sessions series by Vanessa Fewings to the following lucky winners: M’tika HeibelEva Jane! Congratulations ladies; we hope you enjoy the Enthrall Sessions series as much as we did!

We gave away a copy of the historical MM Erotic Romance, Bedmates by J. Dunatos to Stef Burroughs!

Wat to be a winner too?
The following Giveaway is still open:

We’re giving away signed first edition paperbacks of Enthrall Him by Vanessa Fewings to three luck Smutsonian Readers! Click here to enter!

 Click the Cover to see the details on Amazon:

J.A. Huss – Three, Two, One (321)

Nikki Sloane – Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club #1)

Jamie McGuire – Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2)

Pepper Winters – Second Debt (Indebted #3)

Kelly Jamieson – Playing Dirty (Windy City Kink #3)

Kristen Proby – Falling for Jillian (Love Under the Big Sky #3)

Carmen Jenner – Kick (Savage Saints MC #1)

Lili St. Germain – Cartel (Cartel #1)

Skyla Madi – Broken: Round One (Broken #1)

M. Clarke & Alexandrea Weis – Behind the Door (Part 1)

Felicity Heaton – Craved by an Alpha (Eternal Mates #5)

Tina Folsom – One Long Embrace (Eternal Bachelors Club #5)

Maya St. James – Pawn (Pawn #1)

Lilly Avalon – Longing (Resist #2)

Karina Bliss – Rise (Rock Solid #1)

Penelope Douglas – Aflame (Fall Away #4) Expected publication: April 21st 2015 (Available for Pre-Order)

Christina Lee – There You Stand (Between Breaths #5) Expected publication: April 21st 2015 (Available for Pre-Order)

W.S. Greer – Defending Her (Expected publication: February 16th 2015)

Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers – Remind Me (Chasing Fire #1) Expected publication: April 21st 2015 (Available for Pre-Order)

Go load up your Kindle with these FREE smutty titles!

Laurelin Paige – Fixed on You (Fixed #1)

Scott Hildreth – Undefeated (Fighter Erotic Romance #1)

K.M. Scott – Crash into Me (Heart of Stone #1)

S.M. Shade – The Last Woman (All That Remains #1)

Tara Oakes – A Lil’ Less Broken (The Kingsmen MC #1)

S.K. Logsdon – Artful Attractions (Attraction #1)


We’re bringing back this segment because Shurrn & Vinny need to rant for a second…

The Cut & Run series by Abagail Roux will be releasing its ninth and final book at the end of March. Vinny and Shurrn are HUGE fans of this franchise and the spinoffs, so you might be wondering why you haven’t seen any news on this highly anticipated release. You can send your complaints to the marketing department over at Riptide Publishing for that.

There will be no title, no cover, no blurb, nor any advanced reader copies of the new Cut & Run book.

Here is the official statement from Riptide Publishing posted on their website:

Riptide Publishing is thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of Abigail Roux’s final book in the Cut & Run series! The final teaser campaign for Cut & Run is “surprise release.”

Yes, that’s right. No title. No cover reveal. No galleys. No #miniontorture. No details whatsoever.

So you know what that means, right? No readers, reviewers, or even media–no one at all–will have access to this title until the exact same moment on release day. That way everyone can experience the final release at the exact same time. No sneak peeks allowed!

But . . . those crafty readers who pre-order the title here through our website will, as always, have access to the ebook 48 hours before anyone else.

This is one hell of a marketing gimmick for a series which doesn’t need anything other than new books to entice its rabid fan-base. The only justifiable reason I can think of to pull this kind of stunt is if there’s a giant spoiler they’re worried will leak before the release. Side Note: If either Ty or Zane get killed off… we will riot.

Vinny and I found out about this “surprise release” and went through all five stages of grief while texting each other. In order to fully achieve the acceptance stage, we decided that we needed to speak our peace on the subject before we could move on.

We hesitated to post this little rant because Riptide is a fucking amazing boutique publishing house. They have some of our favorite authors in their lineup. If you have read any outstanding LGBT fiction in the last two years, you were probably reading a Riptide title. When they picked up the Cut & Run series (which was already a cornerstone for its entire genre) we did a little fist pump. Abigail Roux teaming up with Riptide could only mean the best things for both parties.

Our whole problem with this marketing strategy is that it is a slap in the face to every blogger who ever championed this series.

We get a small mountain of advanced reader copies (or ARCs) each year. ARCs allow bloggers to read a book and have a review ready on or before release day. It is the whole reason publishers partner with bloggers. I have no problem buying my own books – as a matter of fact, Vinny and I have already given in to Riptide and pre-ordered two copies of Cut & Run #9…

Riptide doesn’t want Bloggers to get their hands on Advanced Copies? Fine.
But why in the actual fuck would you withhold additional media information from the very people who helped to introduce the general public to your product before it became the powerhouse that it is today?

Riptide is teaching everyone a very important lesson: Build your product on the backs of bloggers until you don’t need them any more. Once you get big enough you can pretend the bloggers don’t exist.

Late last year a large group of bloggers went on strike because several authors were were being assholes – Remember the whole ‘Blogger Blackout’ Thing? – The Smutsonian stayed out of it. We quickly recognized that there were assholes on both sides of that equation and chose not to take sides. However, we did post a response saying :

“Show me an author with more followers than a book blog, and I’ll show you an author who doesn’t need our help to promote their book in the first place.”

I suppose Abigail Roux qualifies as an author who doesn’t need our help. She could re-write the phone book and we’d read it… Her grocery shopping lists would probably get rave reviews from us. And quite frankly, she might not have had much control over the publisher’s decision.

We recognize that someone in the marketing department at Riptide thought this would be a fabulous idea, and they were not trying to intentionally alienate bloggers. We would really love to throw a full-on hissyfit over the injustice of the situation. There’s already talk about withholding reviews for this book in protest of the Publisher’s decision… But that’s not who we are.

Vinny and I already pre-ordered our copies of Cut & Run #9 and scheduled two days off from our respective jobs so we can buddy read as soon as it goes live and have a review posted ASAP… That doesn’t mean that we’re not absolutely disappointed in Riptide Publishing for their short-sighted marketing stunt.

We’re here for the stories.
We’re supporting talented authors.
We’re invested in this series, and we plan to do our best to bring our subscribers (over 25,000 of them) a thoughtful and engaging review when we finish. That’s because we have respect for the books…

Unfortunately Riptide has us feeling a little like Rodney Dangerfield:

As you know, The Smutsonian hosts a wildly popular event known as MM March where we spend the entire month reading and reviewing exclusively MM Titles. The Smutsonian has always been a supporter of MM Romance and Erotica; we actually tallied up the stats and discovered that we read about 40% LGBT titles to 60% Heterosexual over the course of a year.

We planned to end the month of MM March with a review of the Cut & Run finale. It would be a fitting end our event and an opportunity to pay homage to a series which introduced many readers to Gay Romance… As it stands, we’re not sure we’ll be able to meet that deadline… But we’re going to do our best.

Now that we’ve said what we need to say on the subject of short-sighted marketing stunts, we can resume waiting patiently for this book… We leave you with this GIF to pass the time:

We are absolutely packed with smutty goodness next week!
Some of the exciting highlights: 

  • We’re reviewing a badass BDSM short story called Make Me by the lovely and talented Cate Bellerose.
  • We’re continuing a D/s theme with the first book in the Finding Home series by debut author Sophie Kisker.
  • The Smutsonian takes a bite out of Paris with the sexy vampires in Travis Luedke‘s Nightlife series.
  • We’re reviewing Alessandra Torre‘s new masterpiece, Tight!

Plus we have excerpts, interviews with some of the most talented authors to type a sex-scene, and several giveaways! Stay tuned my darling perverts!

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Check out The (Tiny) Smutsonian on Tumblr – It’s smaller & has more eye-candy!

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The MM Smutsonian on Tumblr – Just our MM posts and man-candy (NSFW)

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The BDSM Smutsonian on Tumblr – Celebrating the world of D/s (NSFW)

Crushing on Jake Bass - My infatuation with Male Model/Porn Star on display (HIGHLY NSFW)

Crushing on Jake Bass – My infatuation with Male Model/Porn Star on display (HIGHLY NSFW)

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