Gin LaSalle – Ice Hockey Heat 3: Suspension

Ice Hockey Heat 3: Suspension by Gin LaSalle

Series: Ice Hockey Heat #3
Source: Review by Request
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drafted to opposing teams, old teammates and lovers Matt Perriseau and Jakob Wikstrom have never gotten over each other. They hook up when they can, hiding their relationship from their teammates and families.

When Jake is handed a four-game suspension, Matt sees it for the opportunity that it is and invites him over for some quality time.

Matt realizes that he’s head over heels for his old goaltender and he can’t wait to show Jake how he feels with his hands, his mouth, and his whole body…

This 7000-word short story is so white hot you’ll have to read inside to see what all the fuss is about. Contains scenes of steamy M/M jock action!

Volume 3 of the Ice Hockey Heat series can be read as part of the serial or as a stand-alone piece.

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Hot enough to melt an entire Hockey rink!
Sweet enough to make you smile…

Playing for competing teams meant seventy six games, half on the road, and barely a handful against one another’s teams. But it also meant they were literally living their dreams: playing hockey for a living. Turns out the pros weren’t exaggerating when they talked about the sacrifices they had to make along the way. But when Matt held Jake Wikstrom against him, kissed him goodbye, tried to hold on to the fresh, soapy scent of him even as he pulled away… he had a feeling they could make it work.

Matt and Jake are struggling to make their relationship work in a world where they play for opposing teams.

Neither wants to give up their dream of playing professional hockey, but it’s getting harder and harder to spend so much time away from each other.

What began as a series of casual hookups between teenagers is growing into something more substantial. Something that neither man is willing to let die due to distance…

Matt Perriseau

Matt is back on the ice after this knee injury, playing for the Flat Top Rattlers. Every minute he spends off the ice is spent thinking about his partner Jake.

Jakob Wikstrom

Jake finds himself suspended for a few games after a brawl on the ice. Now it’s his turn to fly out to Montana to see Matt.

No hotels. No roommates. No injuries.
These two finally have time to relax with each other.

The heat between Jake and Matt was absolutely delicious, but it was the emotion flowing between the two which really made the book enjoyable.

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About the Author:

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Gin LaSalle has been writing since the Oilers last won the Stanley Cup. She lives in a cozy cabin on a snowy mountaintop. It probably doesn’t need to be said that she’s a hockey fan.

Though she writes primarily short erotica, Gin doesn’t think that erotic stories need to be short on plot or character just because they’re short on wordcount.

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