Gin LaSalle – Ice Hockey Heat 2: Shutout (Review & Excerpt)

Ice Hockey Heat 2: Shutout by Gin LaSalle

Series: Ice Hockey Heat #2
Source: Review by Request
Copy Provided by the Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drafted to opposing teams, old teammates and lovers Matt Perriseau and Jakob Wikstrom still have a thing for each other. They manage clandestine hookups on the days their teams face off, but that isn’t nearly often enough. 

When Matt is sidelined by an ankle injury, he’s frustrated that he has to take time off to heal. But there’s a definite upside: he’s missed Jakob so much he can’t stand it, and now they have all the time in the world to catch up and explore each other again… 

Ice Hockey Heat 2 continues the story of old lovers reunited and old flames fanned to new heights! 

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Sexual Healing Hockey Style!

He’d missed this feeling. Since the draft, since they’d been playing for seperate teams, any time that they had together was strictly limited. Ther past few hookups had felt so rushed. It was a damn shame.

This was a fantastic continuation to the series. After finishing the first book, I knew I needed to see more of my favorite hockey players.

Their relationship isn’t as angsty as you’d think it would be. They don’t feel like they can come out to their teammates, but they’re keeping their relationship light and casual. These two are so much fun together – friends and lovers.

Matt Perriseau

Just as Matt’s career on the ice is heating up, he sustains a devastating injury to his knee. His season has been non-stop practice and travel but now he’s got nothing but physical therapy, healing, and manly pouting on his schedule.

Jakob Wikstrom

Jake convinces Matt to fly out to Washington for a visit. They can spend some time together without worrying about a roommate showing up. Jake provides exactly the kind of healing Matt needs…

In this installment of the Ice Hockey Heat series,
Matt & Jake enjoy some delightful hotel sexytimes,
Matt gets a through massage,
and they take advantage of the massive bathtub in Matt’s hotel room.

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The hotel room was nice enough. Not as nice as when the Rattlers were picking up the tab, but Matt could deal. The bathroom at least was palatial.

“I splurged to get the room with the jetted tub,” he said, leaning his crutch against the wall. The jacuzzi tub was ostensibly for soaking his injured leg, of course. If he and Jake happened to get other ideas over the course of his visit, well, that was just a happy coincidence.

After the tour, which didn’t exactly take long, Matt sank down onto the edge of the bed. Wordless, as he often was, Jake followed over and looped an arm about his shoulders. They stayed that way for a silent minute.

“Glad to see you aren’t letting it get you down too much,” Jake said after a while. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Matt’s hairline. Matt was so relieved to have him there that for half a second, he’d forgotten all about his leg.

“Not gonna lie. It sucks.”

Jake tangled a hand through the curls at the nape of his neck.

“You’ll be back better than ever. Season’s nowhere near over.”

Matt tilted his head back, then pulled Jakob down toward himself for a proper kiss. It was the ‘welcome home’ kiss they couldn’t have in the airport, a slow meeting of mouths, gentle and easy. Matt grazed his teeth against Jake’s lower lip, suckling on it, then slipped his tongue into the other man’s mouth. Jake tasted like Powerade. That disgusting blue sugar free kind. But as gross as it was, when the taste of it was on Jake’s mouth, it was somehow comforting and familiar.

“Inviting me out here was the best idea,” he whispered against Jake’s lips. He slipped his hands beneath Jake’s coat, roaming them up and down his sides, along his shoulders, down his back.

Jakob murmured an agreeable sound that wasn’t quite words. He helped himself to Matt’s coat, and after a few seconds of careful wiggling both were down to their pants and undershirts. Matt reclined back along the mattress, pulling Jake down against him.

They relaxed like that for a while, idle hands skimming over skin and cloth alike, trading languid kisses.

“I was thinking,” Jake said, “if you’re feeling sore, I could give you a massage?” He punctuated the question with a little nip of teeth against Matt’s chin.

The idea of a massage that didn’t take place at the hands of a sadistic physiotherapist was the best thing Matt had ever heard. He practically moaned his ‘yes.’

“What have you been putting on it?” Jake leaned up and off of him, and Matt missed his warmth almost instantly. “Voltaren? Tiger Balm?”

“I’ve got some arnica cream in my bag. Trainers gave it to me. For swelling or whatever.”

“You sound like you were paying really close attention.”

Jake eased off the bed and over to Matt’s duffel, unzipping it and pawing through it without asking permission.

“Dude,” he said, momentarily ceasing his rummaging. “Seriously?”

It took a moment for Matt to get it, but then he laughed. Jakob must have found the packet of condoms and the bottle of lube.

“Couldn’t come visit you unprepared, Wiksy.”

Jakob eventually found the tube of arnica cream and made his way back over. He leaned over Matt, who was still sprawled out across the bed. Setting one hand on Matt’s hip, he unbuckled his belt with the other.

“All right.” He slid the belt free of Matt’s pants and unbuttoned them. “These come off. Little help?”

Matt rolled his eyes, but all the same, he hitched his hips up to allow Jake to roll the fabric down off him. Normally he would have been half-hard and ready to go at the sight of Jake tearing his pants off, but the idea of a relaxing massage was almost more attractive than sex at the moment. Almost.

Below him, Jake squired some arnica onto his palms and rubbed it around on his hands to bring it up to body temperature. Then he started massaging the muscle of Matt’s calf, slow at first, then gradually adding more pressure. The goaltender’s long-fingered hands were soft, padded at just the ends with small calluses, and Matt could feel every single time one brushed against his skin.

Jake had always been good with his hands. Their years-long affair had proved that quickly. He kneaded Matt’s leg in a patient, easygoing fashion, the muscle beneath easing up and releasing tension under his ministrations.

He dug his fingertips in, massaging up the length of Matt’s leg until his thumbs were digging into the underside of the knee. He rubbed the skin there in slowly-widening circles, applying the arnica cream for bloodflow. A pleasant heat spread up Matt’s leg, lazy and unhurried. Eventually that heat reached the rest of him and his dick stirred in his boxers, but it wasn’t an urgent sort of arousal. Jake’s hands felt amazing right where they were.

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About the Author:

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Gin LaSalle has been writing since the Oilers last won the Stanley Cup. She lives in a cozy cabin on a snowy mountaintop. It probably doesn’t need to be said that she’s a hockey fan.

Though she writes primarily short erotica, Gin doesn’t think that erotic stories need to be short on plot or character just because they’re short on wordcount.

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