Happy New Year & Meet our New Bloggers!

Happy New Year from The Smutsonian!

Speaking of NEW, we’d like to formally introduce you to two of our guest Bloggers for 2015! They’ve been working behind the scenes at The Smutsonian for a while, and we’re looking forward to shoving them into the spotlight! *evil laugh*


Vincent “Vinny” Robles

Vinny introduced himself to us as “just a gay dude who reads gay sex” and we instantly fell in love.

He reads quite a bit of MM Romance and Erotica when he’s not obsessing over Pop Culture news and making epic duck-face selfies. He has been managing several of our Tumbr accounts for us, including the very popular Gay Porn Tumblr For the Love of Dicks (which is obviously NSFW).

Vinny is going to be doing some “Throw Back Thursday” Posts exploring hidden gems in the MM Genre which The Smutsonian missed. You can also follow him on Twitter!


Autumn Brandt

Autumn is a Grad Student studying something so ridiculously complicated that we don’t really understand what it is. Gravity, maybe? Aliens?

She discovered that the best way to relax and recharge is to read smokin’ hot Paranormal Romances. She has a major lady-boner for alpha males and vampires.

Autumn prefers to read series which have a ton of books published, so she’s going to be following some awesome PNR for The Smutsonian in 2015. You can follow her on Twitter where she “mostly tweets about zombies and hot guys… But NOT hot zombie guys.”

In addition to Vinny and Autumn, we also have about half a dozen readers who are going to step up to the plate for our new segment: “Throw Back Thursdays” – The Smutsonian knows that we’ve missed some spectacular books, and we’re making up for that by bringing in reviewers to tell you all about the books we’ve missed. If you’re interested in being a Guest Blogger on a Throw Back Thursday post, fill out this form and we’ll let you know!

Now for the fun part… Tomorrow Vinny and Autumn will test out their interviewing skills by putting Shurrn in the Hot Seat – she’s been interviewing authors all year long, and now it’s her turn to answer some questions!


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