Weekend Updates 11/01/14

We’re going to start off this Weekend Updates post with a GIF-Filled rant.

Disclosure – The Smutsonian has several guest bloggers & contributors. The following rant represents Shurrn‘s opinion, and not necessarily everyone else here. 

The internet is buzzing this week bout the Blogger Blackout – apparently there have been several recent high-profile cases of author backlash against book bloggers who have given them poor reviews. A large number of bloggers have chosen to fight back against this type of behavior by choosing to go silent for a week. The goal is to prove our worth by showing what it would be like for authors to promote their books without us. While we’ve historically stayed out of these types of issues, we feel compelled to weigh in on this proposed blackout.

The Smutsonian will NOT be participating in the blackout, but we support the rights of other bloggers who wish to do so.

We have never experienced the kind of behavior from authors which has led to the decision to take such dramatic action. Because of this, we do not wish to punish authors who have scheduled reviews here – many of the authors who request reviews from The Smutsonian have to wait several weeks before their books are reviewed, and we will not punish them for the actions of a few asshole authors.

Authors and Book Bloggers need to work together and respect each other.

That’s a two-way street people.

Authors – Respect the fact that bloggers do this in our spare time and it’s hard work. We have lives outside the internet. We have wait lists, we keep schedules, we have deadlines.

Don’t assume we can drop everything to read your book.
Don’t assume we have to read your book just because you asked. We can say “no”.
Don’t assume we will say we love your book just because you gave us a free copy.

If a blog gives you a shitty review, don’t promote your work with them again. It is NEVER appropriate to harass bloggers with emails and messages or slander them in this community. Ever.

I have seen more than a few screen-shots of emails sent to my blogging buddies. That’s all it takes – Simply posting a screen-cap of an author’s irate email and exposing their hateful words to a couple thousand followers.

I promise you, exposing an author’s hateful behavior will do far more damage to their reputation than one poor review.

Remember one very important fact: We have more followers than you do. We’re just as adept at using social media to publicly shame an author for their egregious behavior as we are at promoting your book.

Show me an author with more followers than a book blog, and I’ll show you an author who doesn’t need our help to promote their book in the first place.

Bloggers – Don’t be assholes. We are all giving our opinion about something – none of us represent the final verdict on whether a book is “good” or not.

Don’t agree to read every book you’re offered. People are reading your reviews because they heard about a book, got excited about it, and wanted to see what your trusted opinion is. If you’re not excited to read a book… don’t. Authors should be afforded this courtesy.

If you don’t like an author’s writing style, don’t read any more of their books.
If you don’t like NA Paranormal romances (or whatever) don’t read those genres.

Consider this – The Smutsonian reserves the right to give poor reviews, even to authors who requested that we read their work. You know what we don’t do? We don’t cross promote reviews less than 3.5 Stars. Our reviews are already being emailed to over 15,700 email subscribers. There’s no need to layer in our Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr accounts as well.

So there you have it – this is the internet, the assholes are endless. Whether you’re a blogger or an author, only you can prevent being a total asshole. Let’s not unnecessarily punish all the lovely Authors who share their stories with us – who love us and respect what we do for them – by blacking them out. That is all.

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We gave out eBook copies of Prime Argentinian Beef by Dominique Gerard to five lucky winners: Vivian JaneJulie SmallJanie KlausRoger Grace, & Mary Preston.

You can be a winner too!
The following Giveaways are still open:

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Multiple Authors – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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We are absolutely packed with smutty goodness next week!
Some of the exciting highlights: 

  • I’ll be reviewing a naughty novella from Lilly Avalon called Resist
  • We’re starting the new J.A. Huss series. Social Media with book one: LIKE.
  • I’ve got a review for Katy Regnery’s new English Brothers book Seduced by Stratton
  • We’re looking at a dark and twisted retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Jessica Satin

Plus we have excerpts, interviews with some of the most talented authors to type a sex-scene, and several giveaways! Stay tuned my darling perverts!

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The BDSM Smutsonian on Tumblr – Celebrating the world of D/s (NSFW)

Crushing on Jake Bass - My infatuation with Male Model/Porn Star on display (HIGHLY NSFW)

Crushing on Jake Bass – My infatuation with Male Model/Porn Star on display (HIGHLY NSFW)

4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates 11/01/14

  1. Great post, Shurm, and I agree entirely with your sentiments.
    Speaking as a writer, I’m lucky not to have received bad reviews for my books so far, but I’m well aware that it can happen and likely will for me at some point.
    The point is this: a bad review can still trigger debate about your work, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it is well-written and contains constructive criticism rather than personal attacks, which should never be condoned.
    But, as you rightly pointed out, a review is a subjective opinion and that’s all. No need for the backlash.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kitty. You’re right; constructive criticism should take precedent over personal attacks.

      There are those on both sides – Bloggers & Authors – who are exhibiting poor behavior which casts a bad light on the rest of their community.

      We should be working together, not letting a few folks on each side ruin things for everyone.


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