Ella James – Red & Wolfe, Part III

Red & Wolfe, Part III by Ella James

Series: Red & Wolfe #3
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Return to Rabbit Island with Red & the illusive Rafe for the hottest serial installment so far. I’d bring at least two pairs of extra panties if I were you.



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Who’s Afraid of the big bad Wolfe?
…and which Wolfe is the real one?

…the pushy bastard who manipulated me, the sex god who made me lose my mind, the savior who pulled me from the ocean, the smooth-talker who rubbed shampoo into my tangled hair, and now the artist – my favorite living artist: the mysterious “W.”

The cat’s out of the bag! The secret identities of Race are revealed.

He’s James Wolfe – accused wife killer.
He’s W. – World famous artist
But to Red, he’s still Race, the controlling asshole who wants to turn her into a fuckdoll.

Sarah – RED – Ryder

Whoever he is, Race ruined me.
Reeled me in and got his barbs in me.
I’ll never be the same.
If he’s a killer, he’s still hot as hell.
That kind of warped reaction he evokes in me is why I have to go.

Red has a right to be nervous – she’s trapped on a deserted island with an accused murder. Only her friend Katie knows where she is, but Katie doesn’t know the extent of Wolfe’s controlling tendencies.

He’s fucked her brains out,
locked her in a basement,
taken her phone away…

James – RACE – Wolfe

“I’m your new God, Red. Now I want you to close your eyes and let your pussy worship me.”

Wolfe has every right to fear Red. If word gets out that Wolfe & W are the same person, his days of quiet painting are over.

He needs to get Red out of his life, but he can’t seem to let her go.

I was a little less enthusiastic about this installment of Red & Wolfe – I’m not a huge fan of female characters throwing away their common sense in favor of their vagina… And Wolfe crossed over from Dom to creepy captor, which wasn’t fun to see…

I’m sucked into this story despite the unsavory character behavior.

There was a NASTY cliffhanger with this one, so I’m glad I already have book four ready & waiting!

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