Houston Havens – Sinful Surrender (Review, Excerpt, & Interview)

Sinful Surrender by Houston Havens

Series: Psychic Menage #1
Source: Review by Request
Copy Provided by the Author
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

On the run, branded a traitor by her government, Fay Avalon has to depend on three brothers for shelter. Sinful Surrender is Book 1 of Houston Havens’ new romance series, Psychic Ménage. Why be tempted by one man’s seduction when you can be loved by three? Top psychic spy Fay Avalon saw too much on her latest mind traveling mission and is now on the run from her post-catastrophic dystopian government, searching for the truth and proof. She escapes but is shot down, landing in the arms of the enemy.

In Drakker and Arlo’s world, women are so rare the men have accepted a polyandrous lifestyle. When the brothers stumble upon Fay unconscious in the wreckage of an aircraft, they are immediately attracted to her. Arlo wants to keep her, but Drakker knows they can’t. They must take her to their brother Logan Abán, leader of their people.

Logan struggles with trusting anyone, even himself. When a beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing woman falls into their laps, his denied desires for intimacy challenge his need to trust the spy. He’s frustrated by romantic Arlo’s claims of her innocence. Even when pragmatic and dominating Drakker defends her as well, Logan refuses to trust his gut.

Can one woman satisfy the diverse desires of three men? Will Logan’s fears be realized by betrayal? Is Fay to be sentenced to death as a spy, suffer a fate worse than death by being returned to her government as a traitor, or will she find a new life and love as the wife of three sexy brothers?

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Ups and downs with this Post-Apocalyptic Erotic Romance.

It felt good to be bad. Everything in her world was too restricted and confining in her opinion. Life here seemed freer, without shame, guilt, judgement, or censorship. To live such a life was too foreign for her thoughts, but in her dreams, she had longed for a life like this.

This was an amazingly detailed and fascinating set up – the sociology and political structures were well crafted and create an intriguing backdrop for the Psychic Menage Series.

I will absolutely continue with this series. I think Houston Havens has created enormous potential in this world, and I’m excited to find out what happens next!

Sinful Surrender takes place on a ruined Earth in the year 4860.

Before the apocalypse, the wealthiest and most powerful citizens created secret underground cities, leaving the common people to die off or adapt to the ruined surface of the planet…

The new Underground Government is oppressive and strict – the population they control, known as “dirt dwellers” have no idea of the extent of the evil their rulers are capable of…

Nearly seven hundred years after the cataclysm, the Underground Government is ready to take back the surface of the earth… By Force if necessary.

Airbornes are those humans who stayed above ground and adapted to earth after the blast… They’ve been defending themselves against the Underground Government for over five hundred years – germ warfare, cyborg attacks, and mass genocide are a constant threat.


What kind of torture’s this? The best kind. The kind she couldn’t resist.

Fay has been working as a Psychic Spy for the corrupt Dirt Dweller Government. Upon discovering a shocking secret, Fay makes the decision to escape the underground and venture out into the open Earth – She is seeking the truth about the underhanded practices of her supposedly benevolent government.

She plans to obtain proof of her government’s corruption and return to the dirt dwellers as a whistle blower. She steals a spacecraft and narrowly escapes the tunnels before being shot out of the sky by the very people she’s been spying for her entire life.

She’s bruised, shaken, and alone on the surface of an unfamiliar Earth.

The Airborne brothers who come to her aid might seem kind and handsome, but they are still her enemy. Fay is taken back to a secret Airborne City where she must prove that she is not a threat.

The Abán Brothers

“…I think you like me. Might even adore me.”
“Abhor you, did you say? Yes, you might be right.”

Arlo – The Artist & Poet falls in love with Fay instantly…
Drakker – The scientist wins Fay over with his Dominance…
Logan – The Airborne Leader doesn’t trust Fay at all…

In a world were females have been killed off by their enemy as population control, Airbornes have taken to a polyandrous lifestyle – it is customary for an entire group of brothers to take and share a single wife.

The two youngest Abán Brothers are smitten with Fay. Unfortunately the eldest Abán (who is also leader of the Airbornes) refuses to trust this spy who has wandered into their lives…

In the kink department:
Lots of hot sexual situations,
Light D/s themes,
Anal Play,
Anal Sex,
and a MMFM scene that will knock your socks off!

With Sinful Surrender, we only saw the tip of the iceberg:
– We still have an entire society of Fae descendants to explore
– There’s a group Star Travelers to learn more about
– We haven’t encountered the mutants of this world yet
– There are still unanswered questions about Fay’s heritage
…there’s so much left to explore in this version of Earth!

I did have a few hang-ups with this book, but they were subjective to my own experience, so I’ll let you decide for yourself…

1. “Boobies” is an absurdly juvenile term to be used in the context of an erotic encounter… and it was used more than once… One wouldn’t refer to male genitalia as a “Weenie” if the character was about to shove it into a woman’s willing, wet pussy, so why use the word Boobies?

There were a few other pieces of questionable sexual innuendo, but I was able to pass those off as pseudo-futuristic terminology…

“Boobies” however, could not be overlooked…

2. Character Degeneration: Fay Avalon started out as a badass – she literally stole a spacecraft and escaped her tyrannical government in search of proof of the genocide they were perpetuating… She was a spy who suffered interrogation tactics, she was ostracized, and faced an upheaval of everything she’d ever known. For the majority of the book, Fay endured all of her hardships with the grace of a warrior…

Toward the end of the book she dissolved into an angst-ridden child, throwing hissy-fits and hiding away from the world.

I couldn’t connect with her over the cause of her despair, so her behavior was baffling and wholly unnecessary to the plot.

It was shocking and a little devastating to see a character develop such a shitty attitude so suddenly. Her personality transplant soured my enjoyment of the entire book, and did so at the pivotal “we’re almost at the end” moment. It definitely affected my rating.

***I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review***

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A moment of awareness made her all fluttery inside. The sensation told her these men loved her more than she could ever know.

Arlo sat down, and Logan took a seat next to him on the sofa as Drakker slid his fingertips down her arm to grasp her hand. With entwined fingers, he led her to the center of the room to stand in front of his brothers. “Tonight, we get you in this dimension,” he said in a sexy, soft tone. “And this is the night you become my protégé as I introduce you to my world of wild, crazy, and erotic sex. He leaned down and kissed her then backed away.


“Shhh. No talking.” He pulled the ribbon that held her pigtail and ran his fingers through her hair. “You will listen carefully to everything I say. The only rule is,…if I do not talk, you cannot talk or react. Is this understood?”


Drakker taunted her, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal each sexy muscle of his stomach with a slow release of each button. The moment he undid the last one, he dropped his arms down and allowed the shirt to fall to the floor behind him. He laced his fingers back into her hair and pulled the cropped strands to his face. He breathed in slow and deep, and then rubbed her hair across his chest. She reached for him, and he tapped her hand away. “I did not talk. You cannot react.”

She pouted but secretly enjoyed his teasing game.

He held a finger up in a scolding manner. “No pouting. Be patient.” His eyes sparkled like the devil’s temptation. He winked at her as he cupped his hand behind her neck. With a slight tug, he pulled her into his hard chest and pressed the warmth of his lips against hers. The fever of the kiss told her he was fired up and ready for a night of passion. He released her and placed her back where she’d been, facing his brothers.

Logan’s stare was passion-filled, and Arlo’s hooded eyes held a poet’s dreamy gaze as they watched Drakker’s skillful seduction and her sinful surrender.

Stepping behind her, Drakker slid his hands over the top of her black T-shirt, moving them up along the sides of her breasts until his fingertips ran over her covered nipples, causing little ripples of sensation to wash through her. He stroked her nipples until they hardened beneath his touch. She was grateful he hadn’t tried to pull up or remove her T-shirt. Usually that was the first thing a man went for, and she wasn’t sure how ready she was for the exposure.

He glided his hands down her slim torso, slipping around her waist until he reached the cord of her sweatpants. The way he slowly pulled the string to release the tie made her wish she hadn’t tied it at all. She needed him to hurry. Her pussy tingled with intensity, moisture forming before he even touched her. She wanted to feel his fingers play between her lips.

Because Drakker was behind her, she could only see Logan and Arlo. Their lust-filled stares and growing erections told her they were as turned on as she was by Drakker’s alluring actions. The idea they enjoyed watching thrilled her. She loved being on display like this for her men. It made her feel like a queen.

Drakker hooked his fingers into her waistband, and she felt his chest brush along her back as he slid the material down her smooth long legs. Fay raised her foot to step out of the pants, but Drakker made a clicking noise with his tongue telling her she wasn’t to move without an order. She put her foot down but not quick enough. Drakker reached up and smacked her panty-covered butt cheek.

“Bad girl,” he murmured.

The little slap he gave her sent decadent sparks of blazing heat to her clitoris. She sucked in a hard breath when he pressed the side of his face against her ass cheek before giving it a quick bite. He soothed the nip with a hot lick and sealed it with a kiss as he placed his fingers on the tops of her feet. His touch was warm and gentle. Just above the gathered material at her ankles, he raked his fingers over the flesh of her calves. He moved his fingertips up her legs, and her knees weakened. By the time he moved them around to stroke up the backs of her thighs, she felt the fiery heat of deeper arousal between her legs. He trailed his taunting touch down the outside of her knees and around to trace over the front of her thighs, making her pussy throb.

This slow seduction was such pleasant torture.

Drakker ran his touch over her ass, and more wetness formed between her thighs. With a featherlike stroke of his fingertips, he moved them down the middle of her ass cheeks, pressing the fabric into her forbidden valley, and then burrowed his fingers between the warmth of her thighs.

Logan groaned. Drakker stroked the flesh of her inner thighs just beneath her crotch. His teasing made her want to squat just a little bit, to feel his hand touch her panty-covered pussy, but she knew better. Fay’s body was a tingling mass of stirring lust. She could barely breathe.

He pulled her panties down to join the sweats at her ankles.

Arlo groaned. “I want those.”

“Fay, step out of your sweats and panties.” She did, and Drakker retrieved the delicate undies and tossed them to Arlo, who held them to his nose for a deep whiff. Fay dropped her gaze to Logan who sat with spread legs, stroking his fingers over the large, hard lump in his jeans. Her mouth watered at the thought of sucking on his cock.

Drakker slipped his hands up her stomach and stroked down over her pussy, but didn’t enter her folds. She groaned in protest, which made him step in front of her. His voice was deep with passion. “Unzip my jeans and remove them.”

She did as he requested and freed his beautiful hard dick. She reached for it, and Drakker tapped her hand away with a scolding frown. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me yet.”

He seized the white, lace garment they had given her. “I will dress you. Whatever spot I lick, you will raise that limb and put it into the outfit.” He got on his knees and licked a hot path from the top of her right foot all the way up her inner leg. He didn’t stop until the tip of his tongue brushed over her outer pussy lips. A sharp wave of electrifying energy covered her body in goose bumps. Her knees almost buckled with the intensity of his touch.

Fay stepped into the thong-style teddy as he guided her with another sordid trail of his tongue. He made a wet path up her other leg. Chasing the fabric in the wake of his velvet lips, he placed soft kisses to her flesh. He stood with an intense gaze and watched her reaction when he pulled the teddy up over her hips. She had expected the thong to ride up her ass cheeks, but gasped the moment she felt the material slip between her creamy pussy lips to press against her clit. She was thronged front to back.

Drakker leaned in and whispered, “It’s a shibari-style teddy, and I adore it on you.”

She sucked in hard as her clit spasmed with a near climax. “You remembered?”

He winked. “I love the look of your roped pussy. It’s making my cock harder, if that’s possible.” When Drakker stepped back, Arlo grunted, staring at the erotic division of her labia.

Logan made a circular motion with his hand, indicating she should spin around and show him the back. She looked to Drakker, who gave her a short nod. In a vampish twist, she turned for Logan’s view.

“Bend over with your legs spread wide. I want them to see how the corded material hugs both your parts.”

Fay leaned over, thrusting her thronged ass high to expose her separated pussy lips as well. Drakker ran his finger along the parting fabric running from front to back along her privates. She gasped, excited by the peep show she knew Logan and Arlo must be getting.

Drakker said, “Do you boys like the fit so far?” At their murmurs, he pressed in on the fabric where it snuggled up over her clit, and she shuddered. He moved his finger up and tapped it over her covered asshole just enough for her to know where his interest lay. Her breaths were now coming hard and fast at the promiscuous exhibition of her privates.

“Stand and turn around to face Logan.”

Drakker motioned for Arlo to rise. He did and removed his robe. Now both men stood before her, naked with firm rods she wasn’t allowed to touch. Just the sight of those two throbbing dicks just waiting to enter her was her near undoing.

Arlo fell to his knees in front of her pussy. “Get the tank top off her. I want to see how the rest of this teddy fits.”

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Interview with Houston Havens

If you were to describe your book in only one word, what would it be?

What would you say inspired you to write it?
As Sinful Surrender unfolded I realized it wouldn’t be a stand-alone novel…it became my inspiration for the series.

What was your source of inspiration for this intriguing post-apocalyptic world?
It wasn’t so much as inspiration but the idea came from all the research I’d been doing about D.U.M.B.s, HAARP, ley lines, remote viewing combined with my wild imagination of what all these things could do to change our world.

What sort of research (if any) did you do to prepare for this series?
I love doing research…I can get lost in it…and I love accuracy in my stories….so I do a lot. Even though some seems too far out there to be real…you’d be surprised how much of what I write into my stories comes from fact.

What was your first Erotica reading experience?
I wrote the entire Psychic Ménage Series before I read my first Erotic book. I’m not a believer in reading other authors work while I’m writing. 

I do “research” reading between books. I don’t read romance or erotica unless it’s to help an author friend with her manuscript. 

I believe to keep my work fresh and different I have to stay away from what others in my genre write.

Have you ever been hit by the infamous “writer’s block”? What did you do to escape it?
No, I’ve never had writer’s block. My head is too full of stories. But I have come very close to writer’s BURN OUT because I am a slow writer, so I work 16 hour days 7 days a week. I haven’t had a vacation in 4 years. So, after Phantom Desire was published, I did take a few days off to rest the mind.

What is your all time favorite book?
Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

What made you pick that one above all others?
Because he was a brilliant author…he captured me from page one and kept me hooked with his detailed writing to the very last page.

What’s the longest time you’ve spent working on a project?
The longest time on a project would have been when I was learning the craft of writing. I’ve spent over 20 years perfecting the craft until I knew I was ready. You only get one change to impress the reader with your work. 

As far as books, I wrote five full length (100,000 word) novels while learning, then I submitted the second one (Genre: Romance) I wrote and edited it about 20 to 50 times. Then I sent it to about five publishers to get their feedback before I wrote (Genre: Erotic Romance) the Psychic Ménage series and submitted. 

Would you say becoming an author has changed you? In what way?
Yes. I won’t lie…this is a rough business….It has made me into a ‘no nonsense’ person, but I wouldn’t change being an author for anything.

Was there ever a time, during your work for this book, when you felt like giving up? What made you change your mind?
Yes, but not on the story or the craft, I love to write. 

You have to LOVE to write … if you’re in it to ‘get rich’ … don’t become an author. Remember why you write and why you’re going through this…you do it for YOUR READERS.

To honestly answer your second part of the question: My very supportive hubby and a few very close to the heart friends of mine are the ones who picked me up after every battle, dusted me off, bandaged my wounds, put the sword back into my hand and shoved me back out to fight another day.

What does your day-to-day life consist of? What else do you do, aside from writing?
LOL…I’m an author. I tend to be a workaholic, I work 16 hours days, 7 days a week, but now and then hubby insists I get out. He’ll drag me and my hidden laptops to a vacation spot to rest the mind and regenerate. (Don’t tell him I hide in the bathroom typing away on my books)

How do you deal with bad reviews or acid criticism? What would you advise other authors to that effect?
I’ve been very lucky. I’ve had tons of great reviews with such kind words they bring tears to my eyes and fill my heart with love. I have awesome readers and reviewers! It’s because of them I do what I do.

For bad reviews – brush it off…not everyone will love my work.

What are you working on next for The Psychic Ménage series?
I’m doing self-edits right now on book three of the series. Then it’ll go to the publisher’s content and final line editors. I’m hoping the book will be released close to the first of the year.

What do you have stored for us in the future? Anything outside The Psychic Menage series?
Of course. I have a “spin off” series to this series, and the end of that series will bring you right back to the first series. Plus I have a few other ideas in my head that I’ll be putting to paper soon.

What made you decide to become an Author?
LOL, I’m Irish. Storytelling is in our Druid bloodline…anyone who tells you he’s Irish but can’t tell you a bloody story…isn’t Irish!

What would you say was the toughest part?
The toughest part for me was realizing the struggle isn’t over when you finally get published…it’s just beginning.

Did you hire professionals for editing, cover design, formatting?
I’m with a publishing house…as a matter of fact I’m with two. But, yes, I hire an outside editor to check my work as well as working with in-house (Publisher) editors.

As far as hiring cover design and formatting…yes, you’d need to do that if you’re self-publishing like I did for my PRINT version for my book Sinful Surrender. 

How did you decide who to hire, if you worked with pros?
Ask around to get recommendations and a lot of the book tour companies offer these services.

How long did the production part take, from the moment you began working on the manuscript to self-pub to when you hit ‘Publish’?
Gosh…I would think that depends on who you hire and how full each of their schedules are.

Where is your work being distributed, Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc? How did you decide which one(s) to go with?
I didn’t, my publisher for Sinful Surrender distributes through:   
Retailers for the eBook: Amazon | ARe | B&N | Kobo | LSB
Retailers for Print: Amazon | Createspace

If you could turn back in time and do things differently, would you? What would you change?
No, because each move I made got me where I am today.


If you could wish for any one thing, and it would immediately come true, what would you wish for?
New York Times best sellers list.

If you were stranded on an isolated island, what’s the one thing you’d absolutely wish to have with you?
My Hubby…he’s a survivor.

Name your favorite fruit.
Black Cherries

Coffee or tea?
Coffee (white chocolate caramel)

Favorite season?

How about favorite time of the day?
Before dawn and after dusk.

Were you a girlscout?

Favorite food for breakfast?
Strawberries with walnuts and honey

Latest book you’ve bought and read?
Two: Kim Mullican’s book Thicker Than Water (Awesome book), and Suzy Knight’s book Love and War (Another fabulous book)

Do you collect things, like stamps, or key chains, or shoes?

Favorite color, you know you want to tell us!

Drama or comedy?

Have a favorite quote or personal motto?
Only the strong survive.

Cats or dogs?

Dinner by candlelight or a night out clubbing?

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
None I’d tell! 😉

Favorite Swear Word?
Bloody Bleedin’ Bastards!

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About the Author:


Houston Havens retired from a successful modeling career and an adventurous jet-set lifestyle to set the world on fire with her erotic romance books. A tenacious Irish lass, she strives to entertain with seductive stories created from her decadent imagination and traces of a provocative lifestyle she may or may not admit to.

Her interest in the paranormal, fascination with quantum science, passion with myths, and the lure of her mysterious Celtic Irish-Druid bloodlines are combined with generally unknown truths, strange facts, and questionable fiction. Her novels reflect a mix of the past, present, and future, with sexy blends of futuristic science fiction, paranormal fantasy, western romance, and always love everlasting. An author of six romances, a seven book erotic romance series, and numerous articles in literary magazines, she has two award winning blogs. Stop by for a visit and leave a comment at http://houstonhavens.wordpress.com

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