Red Phoenix – Brie Practices Her Oral Skills

Brie Practices Her Oral Skills by Red Phoenix

Series: Brie #5
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brie’s first full week of training is an exciting roller coaster ride! Although she receives a good review from Rytsar, Brie suffers from an underlying problem. It rears its ugly head and brings Brie to her knees – literally. She is thrilled when Sir offers to practice with her on stage. On Auction Day, the lucky little sub spends quality time with “Doctor” Harris.

This succulently hot novelette encompasses an entire week of Brie’s submissive training, including her second Auction Day.

Extended Description:

Brie’s first full week of training focuses on perfecting her oral skills. Not only does she learn the secrets of the mighty shaft, she also applies her tongue skills on a Domme or two. Unfortunately, Brie has a weakness that threatens her success as a submissive, but Sir refuses to let her fail. Time on stage provides the devoted sub a chance to express her true feelings for him. Brie’s week ends with the auction, putting her in the care of a sexy but demanding doctor.

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This is a particularly tasty episode of the Brie Series…

“You were told that we would focus this week’s training around your evaluations. After reading through them, it is quite obvious that you three are beginners when it comes to oral skills. This week we will have to start with the basics.”

The curriculum for the week is set. Cunnilingus, fellatio, deep-throating, and face-fucking are all on the menu…

I’m Resisting the urge to make a ‘hard to swallow’ joke…

Brie even has the opportunity to show off her new found skills for Ms. Clark. So yeah, we get a fair amount of girl-on-girl action going on!


Brie actually sighed with relief.
At least we all suck. Well… we suck, but not very well.

Outside of the training rooms we learn the details of Mary’s dark past, the Good Samaritan is popping up on campus, and Brie is falling for Sir a little more each day…

This chapter of the Brie Series rolls into the following Saturday and another Auction. This time Brie is won by Master Harris who has a thing for medical kink.

Side note: During the BDSM Medical Kink scene, Brie’s safe word was ‘Apple’ that got an audible laugh out of me…

It’s cheeky little moments like that which make this series so much fun! It’s highly erotic and a little intense sometimes, but it never takes itself too seriously…

And speaking of serious, by the end of this book Mary is starting to thaw a little toward her fellow subs…


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