Patricia A. Knight – Hers to Cherish

Hers to Cherish by Patricia A. Knight

Series: Verdantia #3
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Who would’ve thought a rogue nobleman and a secret agent tied in shibari knots would be so instrumental in saving a world from sexual slavery.

For disgraced nobleman and accused murderer, Ramsey DeKieran, a pardon is an unobtainable fantasy. When the High Lord of Verdantia offers the prize, Ram knows there’ll be a catch. He accepts the impossible mission – the off-world rescue of a Verdantian noblewoman, one of the last of her kind. The one bright spot: Elite mercenary, Steffania Rickard, is ordered undercover to help DeKieran – posing as his sexual submissive.

For Steffania, assisting the dominating Ramsey on this insane mission will be challenge enough. The damn rogue trips all her triggers – good and bad. But infinitely worse, on the planet, Vxloncia, she must submit as Ram’s sex slave, and there’s no faking it. Bent at his knee, serving his every command, Steffania doubts her carefully hidden desires will remain concealed.

Their mission takes on new urgency when they unmask a heinous program of enslavement, long cloaked in secrecy. Together they must find a way to overcome their initial animosity and recover a woman vital to the future of their race.

In the maelstrom of sex, savagery, domination and submission, they will need all their wits and strength to survive – but the battle for their hearts is lost – to one another.


Absolutely Stunning: Sexy Sci-Fi with suspense and submission…

(Mild Spoilers if you haven’t read Hers to Command & Hers to Choose)

The man fed every carnal fantasy she possessed. He sat her lustful appetites before an array of the finest delicacies, ordered them to feast, then commanded, “Don’t swallow.”

This book was a major departure from the previous books in the series, and the payoff was outstanding!

We traveled far from the sentient planet Verdantia in this installment, and were treated with all of the high tech Science-Fiction possibilities Patricia A. Knight can imagine…

Two characters we’ve met before in this series must pair up to rescue Lady Alessa DeAlbero from the clutches of the infamous slaver Vecon Narr…


“If I am successful, you have Lady DeAlbero, if unsuccessful, my dead body, and all it costs you is a piece of paper.”

Ramsey is a disgraced Verdantian, stripped of his title and honor, forced to work as a mercenary in the grittiest parts of his home world. In Hers to Choose he made the honorable decision to free Sophi and fight beside Eric against the Haarb.

His actions redeemed him in the eyes of Sophi, and brought his unparalleled skills to the attention of the Tetriarch. He is apprehended by the Blue Daggers and taken to Sylvan Mintoth for an audience with Ari & Doral.

Ram is presented with an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for a Royal Pardon, he will go undercover on Vxloncia, where all women are subservient. The entire planet engages in D/s as a social mechanism for the repression of females.

Ramsey has never been off world before, he’s accustomed to the simple existence of Verdantia, and will need a Blue Dagger to accompany him as back up and to offer mastery of the technological advances of the foreign planet. Out of spite, he chooses the no-nonsense Captain of the Blue Daggers Steffania Rickard to accompany him on his mission…


She was no helpless female – never had been. She was death clothed in a body of female allure and fiercely proud of it.
But in sex, she needed surrender. She craved a man strong enough to take the control out of her hands.

The idea of submitting to the sexual thrall of Ramsey DeKieran is no hardship to Steffiana… Pretending to be a docile non-entity who cowers at her Masters feet is deplorable… The thought that she could quite possibly loose her heart to DeKieran is terrifying… The knowledge that her failure to be the perfect submissive could compromise their entire mission, keeps everything in perspective…

They must work together in perfect balance to accomplish their mission.

Vxloncia is notorious for it’s brutality and decadence – Ramsey will be competing in a Gladiator competition. If he wins, he will be invited to the compound of the man thought to hold Lady DeAlbero as a slave. Loss of the game also means loss of his life, but Ram and Steffania quickly discover that danger is just as grate outside the arena.

There are several darker elements at work in this book: Sexual Slavery & Mind Control are at top of the list of egregious acts committed by Vecon Narr, and we’re not spared any of the violent graphic details… So consider that carefully before you decide to read this book. If you can handle a little violence with your graphic sex, you’ll be richly rewarded.

This book was fucking awesome!
We had a brand new planet with a new social structure and physical environment, several new characters (which I hope to meet again), and I loved all of the imaginative technological advancements, especially a particularly kinky bit of nanotechnology…

***I won this book as part of the following Giveaway***

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