Patricia A. Knight – Hers to Choose

Hers to Choose by Patricia A. Knight

Series: Verdantia #2
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To preserve their civilization, a disillusioned warrior and a violated innocent need to put aside the trauma of their past to confront a present evil.

Mentally scarred from her years as prisoner to the off-world invaders, Lady Sophillia Glorianna DeLorion, doubts she can be a fit sexual partner for any man…

…even one whose passionate green eyes make her remember what it is to desire.

Commander of the Queen’s Royal Guard, Eric DeStroia had grown up watching the corrosive, soul-killing effects of arranged, aristocratic marriage and vowed to remain alone. But under his hardened military exterior, Eric has a kind heart. When the second Tetriarch suggests he marry a noble woman rescued from the enemy, Eric reconsiders, consoling himself with visions of sheltering a wounded dove under his mighty arm. Instead, he discovers a fierce falcon that refuses to stoop to his lure.

In the aftermath of their resounding defeat, a survivor from the enemy camp plotted a return to Verdantia to exact retribution. His first objective is the recapture of Lady Sophillia DeLorion. She had been unreachable until she went to the Oshtesh. Now, only Eric DeStroia stands in his way.


A gorgeous and steamy Sci-Fi Sequel!

(Mild Spoilers if you haven’t read Hers to Command)

This was an amazing followup to the first book in the series. It carried all of the strengths of its predecessor while focusing on a new couple with all new obstacles…

I did a full breakdown of the intricacies of this high-fantasy Sci-Fi world in My review for the previous book in the series. Rather than rehashing all of that, I’ll simply encourage you to catch up with that post.

However, I want to remind you of one important fact: The Planet Verdantia is sentient; She has feelings, and interacts with her population. That interaction occurs when certain Verdantians have sex… Crazy, sweaty, kinky, burn-up-the sheets sex…

All this awesome sex helps the planet flourish – it keeps the lights on, makes the crops grow, and it powers the shields which protect the Verdantia from outside forces…

Only Verdantians with a specific set of genetic markers are capable of performing the sexual rites, and they were systematically slaughtered during the war with the Haarb. Only a handful of these Magistras survived the decimation of Verdantia…


“You make me bold, Eric.”

We met Sophi at the end of Hers to Command. She is Doral’s beloved sister, and was held captive by the Haarb during the war. Ari rescued Sophi and her mother from the clutches of the Haarb and returned them to Doral, who thought they were dead.

Sophi was a cowering mess in the wake of her captivity. She was incapable of enduring the social atmosphere of the palace, and was taken to a village in the wastelands where she could mentally recover from her ordeal.

The female warriors who inhabit the wastelands handed her a bow and taught her to defend herself. Three years later, she’s Flight Leader of a squadron of highly trained soldiers, and is capable of battling any enemy. But fate has different plans for Sophi, as one of the few remaining females of the noble class, she’s being recalled to Sylvan Mintoth to claim her birthright.


He had underestimated the endless capacity of his heart to feel joy.

Eric is the childhood friend of Queen Fleur and commander of her Royal Guard. He was hand selected by Doral to bring Sohi out of the wastelands and as candidate to become her partner in the rites.

Eric seems to be every bit as enthusiastic about the situation as Sophi, but he is honor bound to protect and escort her home… Sophi is nothing like the shell of a girl who fled Sylvan Mintoth three years earlier, she’s a headstrong warrior and she has no patience for Eric.

The road from the wastelands to the palace is a long and treacherous one, they’ll have to work together, trust, and fight side by side in order to survive…

Several differences between this book and the first:
– There was a focus on building trust and respect between the main characters.
– We had a MF romance rather than an MMF, and their relationship was encouraged but not forced like in Hers to Command
– Eric & Sophi took their time before falling into bed, and when they did hit the sheets the chemistry was perfection.

In addition:
There was more action,
Sophi proves she’s a badass,
There were several female warriors of worth,
and this book packed more emotion than the first in my opinion…

The Tetriarch played a large part in this book as well, so don’t worry about missing our favorite Royal Threesome… Note to self: ‘Royal Threesome’ is an awesome band name

Overall it was a wonderful experience, and I’m looking forward to reading more of the Verdantia series… I hear the next book has D/s elements, so I’m definitely on board!

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