Tara Crescent – Recovery

Recovery by Tara Crescent

Series: Doctor Dom # 5
Source: Review By Request
ARC Provided by Author
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

***The stunning conclusion to the Doctor Dom series is finally here!*** 

We can remain haunted forever by the past. 

Or we can move past it. 

Is it finally time for recovery? 

Note: This novella includes medical play, spankings, domination, graphic sexual scenes, and more.


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A brilliant end to a lovely series…
and I’ll never look at an examination room the same ever again…

“…There’s a wholeness to you. Not an untouched perfection. No one has that, because if we want to go out and live our lives to the fullest, scars will result. But you have a realness about you, and I can’t get enough of you.”

Tara Crescent has taken us on a wild ride with this series… A heartfelt romance wrapped up in a sizzling hot package, and I loved every single book. Patrick and Lisa are absolute perfection. Watching their story unfold was a pleasure.

The main characters are smart, educated, level-headed, quirky, believable, mature… and the most real of any fictional couple (especially in the world of D/s) which I’ve read in a long time. That’s reason enough to give this series a try…

Lisa Preston

I loved Patrick. He was perfect. Kind, generous, hard, dominant. We were good together. Fuck that. We were amazing together. It wasn’t just the glorious sex. It was everything else as well. It was the way we would reach out and call each other a couple times in the middle of the day, and chat for a minute or two […] Everything we had been doing in the last few weeks suggested that we were in it for the long-haul.

Patrick walked away from Lisa at the end of the last book. Her confession (that she had been unwilling to use her safe-word one evening) was a huge trigger for Patrick. Even though he said he just needed some time to think, Lisa had no way of knowing what the future would hold for their relationship…

Dr. Patrick Anderson:

“I’m afraid to fuck this up because I love her […] I love her precisely because she’s her own person, and I’m my own, and we can both live without each other. I want her because I can choose her freely, with no sense of obligation. She is the purist expression of my love, because there is no guilt or feeling of responsibility behind it. And I’m miserable without her.”

Patrick did some soul-searching in the wake of Lisa’s confession. After being married to someone as emotionally fragile and manipulative as Andrea, Patrick was simply unprepared to deal with the thought that Lisa would be so irresponsible.

His solution?
The couple needed to seriously re-think their ability to have a healthy relationship while continuing to have a D/s element…

In addition to potentially letting dust settle on their exam room, there were a lot of other loose ends to tie up with this book:

Andrea, Patrick’s ex-wife was still in a coma,
Liam, Andrea’s abusive Dom was on the loose, posing a dangerous threat,
Nick, Lisa’s former Dom still has a bomb to drop,
The very fabric of Patrick and lisa’s relationship was left in tatters at the end of book four…

I often find myself nervous to read the final book in any series, and I was on pins and needles waiting to find out how Patrick and Lisa would resolve their differences and overcome all of the obstacles facing them…

I have to say, I was so incredibly impressed by how this book unfolded… Sorry, I’m not going to give any spoilers, you’ll just have to read it for yourself 😉

And just in case you’re wondering if the finale to the Doctor Dom series brought the same about of erotic potency as its predecessors…

That’s a BIG Yes.

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Best of 2014

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