Jae T. Jaggart – Angel Angel, Burning Bright

Angel Angel, Burning Bright by Jae T. Jaggart

Series: Seven Deadly Sins Story #2
Source: Review by Request
Copy Provided by Author
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when Management offers up two supernatural beings so darkly seductive, in a test so twisted, that their target cannot choose between them?

Michael Rei has been called a musical genius. His life revolves around the concert stage. At nineteen, the threat of death lays behind, and the world lays before him. But something strange and alluring comes calling at the height of his triumph. Two men, that he, torn between brilliance and innocence, cannot resist.

The stakes are high. The highest. But Michael is greedy. He can have both men, for a while… But once he choses between the two, the consequences will be eternal…

A standalone, second in the Seven Deadly Sins series, after Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star.

Contains wicked behavior, perverse mind games, m/m/m action, a lot of sweat and a pink haired, violin-wielding best friend ready to take on any evil doers.


An amazing, poignant continuation of the Seven Deadly Sins Story Series!

(Spoiler Free Review)

Music. Connection with the world.

Taking this audience out of their mundane skins. Making them feel.
This was his gift. His magic.

This is an Erotic Paranormal MM Romance featuring:
and some seriously HOT MMM Menage action…

A Dangerous Game – Angels and demons playing for the soul of Michael Rei, a musical prodigy who splits his time between sold-out concert halls and dreary hospital rooms. He has spent most of his life fighting just to survive, so when he’s offered the opportunity to really LIVE for the first time, he grabs hold of it with both hands.

Because he was greedy. Because he wanted it all. Because for a long time he’d thought he would have no time left, and that now he could have anything, do, anything, his only instinct was one word to it all: yes. Always, yes.

Michael is certainly enjoying his days wrapped in the sheets between two gorgeous men who claim to be lawyers, but little does he know he’s merely a game to these men… So when emotions begin to run far deeper than anyone had anticipated, the game gets dangerous.

As you may recall, I adored the first book in this series (Cash: Angel, Demon, Rock Star) and I was absolutely thrilled to continue this series. It is such a fun premise with a highly erotic bent which sneaks up on the reader with sweet romance and beautiful themes of life and sin…

As a reminder, the first book in this series is FREE on Amazon, and I sincerely hope you’ll check it out. It is absolutely worth your time! This is a serial series which features stand-alone stories. I’ll certainly be the first in line to read the next book in the Seven Deadly Sins Story series!

***I was graciously gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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