L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov – Take It Off

Payoff (Market Garden, #6)Take It Off by L.A. WittAleksandr Voinov
Series: Market Garden #2
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Turnabout is foreplay.

High-end Market Garden rentboys Tristan and Jared have found their niche. Men are willing to pay good money to watch Tristan tease Jared, and the two of them seduce London’s elite with sex and power games.

Except Tristan is less and less interested in getting money out of the johns these days. He wants his partner in crime, and he wants the seduction to be real. But is Jared just in this for the pay?

When Rolex, the john who started it all, returns to Market Garden, the boys jump on the opportunity to service him—and each other—for a fresh pile of cash. Rolex isn’t the only one itching for a rematch, though. Jared’s been waiting for a chance to get back at Tristan for teasing him so mercilessly the first time.

And for a former stripper, revenge is a dish best served extra hot.


The second book in the Market Garden series features a particularly brilliant bit of steamy revenge…

…Tristan hadn’t forgotten his own favourite thing about stripping: the sadistic joy of grinding and undulating on a man who had no choice but to sit still and take it.
Sit still and take it, which was exactly what he had to do this time. Oh. Shit.

Rolex is back for more voyeurism – and who can blame him? In book one Tristan teased Jared to within an inch of his sanity… In this installment of the Market Garden Series, Jared has the opportunity to turn the tables…

Tristan has been growing closer and closer to Jared since their first performance together, and feelings are growing deeper. He’s starting to loose control and blurring the lines between performance and pleasure. His particular brand of Dominance and control is being put to the test by Rolex’s new rule: No touching the dancer…

Tristan didn’t have a submissive bone in his body, but if Jared was like this when he was on top, there wasn’t much Tristan wouldn’t do if Jared snapped his fingers and demanded it.

I loved every single minute of this book – watching Tristan go crazy, Jared show his confident side, and the pair of them work over Rolex for an absurd amount of money. I’m absolutely loving this series and can’t wait to read the next installment!

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