Ella Dominguez – The Art of Submission

The Art of Submission (The Art of D/s, #1)The Art of Submission by Ella Dominguez

Series: The Art of D/s #1
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Written in 1st person from both his and her perspective.

Warning: Written for mature audiences and includes profanity, graphic sexual encounters and mild BDSM themes.

Romantic, erotic, deeply emotional and humorous.

Isabel is a shy artist with an abusive past who has a very vivid fantasy life and unexplored unusual sexual tastes. When her very private and naughty-natured artwork is sold without her permission, she sets out to try and retrieve her precious paintings, unaware that the buyer has dark sexual tendencies.

Dylan Young is an eccentric businessman and art collector with very specific tastes in women and sex, and serious trust issues. When he comes upon a very erotic set of paintings, he purchases them and they ignite a want and need for the alternative lifestyle he was forced to give up.

When the two meet, Dylan immediately picks up on Isabel’s submissive nature and hatches a wicked plan to teach Isabel about his alternative lifestyle. He wants nothing more than to get his hands on more of her paintings and to dominate the submissive beauty.

Their affair is intensely physical and despite Dylan’s wanting only a sexual relationship with distinct boundaries, he can’t resist her spirited nature, her eagerness and lack of fear to learn BDSM, and most of all – her immense talent. But Isabel has a hidden dominant streak of her own that only Dylan brings out and as they’re drawn closer together, their unconventional relationship is threatened as they each struggle with their pasts and for control.


An Erotic BDSM Romance with a focus on CONTROL…

I need it, too, and for the same reasons she does; because we both never had any when we needed it the most; because vanilla isn’t enough; because we’re the same kind of freaks.

This is the first book in a series, establishing the relationship between a former Dom and a young woman with kinky fantasies but no experience with the Dominant/submissive lifestyle… As they discover more about each other, they’re also discovering the extent of their desire…

The lines become blurred.
The line between pleasure and pain…
between sex and love…
between life and art…
& between Dominant and submissive…

Sucessful Business Man, Art Collector, & Former Dom…

“He looks like a sexy-as-hell dark angel, though in reality, I suspect this naughty boy is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing; the clothing being an Armani suit, no less.”

The charismatic and wealthy Dylan is stagnating after giving up his BDSM lifestyle… With one wrong turn at an art gallery he finds himself face to face with three paintings which serve to remind him of all the erotic memories he thought he’d left behind…

Artist, introvert, & closet submissive…

“…how can someone who looks so angelic create such erotic images? Perhaps she’s not as saintly as she looks… an angel with a dark side… mmm… That’s a filthy little thought.”

Little Isa has a hidden naughty side which is only expressed through her erotic paintings… She never intended for them to be sold to anyone, and resolves to track down the buyer…

What do I adore in my Erotica?
Dual Points of View,
A good amount of kink,
A bit of humor,
Overcoming mental obstacles,
& Some seriously steamy sexytimes…

Seriously Ella Dominguez,
Did you know I’m an artist?
That I have a gallery?
That we all secretly dream of being swept off our feet by a charming Dom?!?!
Of course you didn’t! But bonus points to you anyway!

Now lets talk about things I loathe in my Erotica:
Female characters who constantly put themselves down,
Characters who are convinced they are unlovable and unworthy,
When the plot is carried by two characters who don’t talk to each other,
Reading the same book over & over,
& Characters who neglect to consider the following: in the scheme of Safe, Sane, Consensual, one must disclose potential triggers… like abuse…

So what’s the problem?
This book contained everything on BOTH lists…

Another Issue (which has been mentioned by other reviewers) that I would like to expand upon: For a while there it felt like I was reading like fan-fiction…
I was noticing some serious similarities between this text and a very popular best selling piece of soft-core fiction which shall remain nameless… But here’s the thing, for every action or piece of dialogue which mimicked and mirrored something else, it was improved upon. This is my personal opinion (obviously) and I’ve read a few reviews where I am vehemently disagreed with. Every time I read a line that was suspiciously similar to something else, I would have to concede that Ella Dominguez wrote it better, and with more personality…

All that being said,
I am not in the habit of reading book only to play a literary version of “who wore it best” so my enjoyment was certainly diminished.

I will happily continue the series, as it really started to come into its stride in the last quarter of the book. Some of the issues which were dragging the book down were greatly improved upon:
Isabella was growing more confident,
Secrets were starting to be shared,
Dylan’s heart was growing softer…

And I was not expecting the little saucy twist in Isa’s personality…

Moving on to Book Two!


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