Felicity Brandon – Friday’s Lesson

Friday's LessonFriday’s Lesson by Felicity Brandon

Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jenna is late and a little drunk. But as she returns home she has no idea just how much trouble she is in… Her husband is waiting. Feeling unvalued, Oliver has very firm ideas about how their marriage needs to change if he is to stay. As the realization hits Jenna, she must decide how far she is prepared to go to save their fractured relationship. Will Jenna step out of her sexual comfort zone and accept his terms? Can she learn the value of Friday’s lesson in time… and will it be enough to make him stay?



A short story which could also be titled: How to Train Your Wife

Jenna arrives home to a dark house and an angry husband. She has a quick decision to make:
Watch her husband leave her…
Prove that she can be an obedient wife…

Friday’s Lesson is a light BDSM experience between a married couple.

The story features an introduction to submission for a willing wife with a bit of spanking and oral sex…

***I read this story as part of the Tales of Sexual Surrender Trilogy from Felicity Brandonwhich I won as part of a Christmas Giveaway – The 12 Erotic Days of Christmas with Afterdark Online***

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