Felicity Brandon – Customer Service

Customer ServiceCustomer Service by Felicity Brandon

Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An officious diner at the restaurant keeps Polly on her toes all evening, so she’s amazed when the glamorous Rachel wants to see her out of hours. Not usually attracted to women, Polly is goaded by unexpected desire, and soon finds herself at Rachel’s beck and call once again…

But in order to satisfy Rachel, Polly must be prepared to go deeper into the unknown then she has ever been before… Can she really be motivated to give the customer service of her life?



A quick tale of Female Domination guaranteed to satisfy…

Polly is a waitress struggling to please an impossible customer… She is more than a little surprised to find the note left by the beautiful bitch who has made her night a living hell.

Great arse Polly! Call me if you liked what you saw… Rachel

There is a phone number listed below the unexpected missive, and Polly has a choice to make: Call the attractive demanding woman (despite the fact that Polly has never had a female lover), or walk away wondering “What If”…

Customer Service is a stand-alone super short piece of Erotica which will be the delight of those who love reading F/f Domination…

The story features light domination and submission between two females with a nice spanking…

***I read this story as part of the Tales of Sexual Surrender Trilogy from Felicity Brandonwhich I won as part of a Christmas Giveaway – The 12 Erotic Days of Christmas with Afterdark Online***

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