Tawny Taylor – BEARed to you

BEARed to youBEARed to you by Tawny Taylor
Series: A Beast’s Mate Romance #1
Source: Review by Request
ARC provided by Publisher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I came to you because I had to have you. I had to possess you. But I’ve stayed with you because I need you.”

Curvy city girl Abby Clumm wouldn’t normally travel to remote cabins in Alaska alone. But thanks to a poorly timed air traffic controllers’ strike, she finds herself alone in the boonies. As night falls, a shotgun she doesn’t know how to use and a flimsy wooden door are the only things standing between her and the vicious, hungry beast outside.

The scent of a woman nearby beckons research scientist Tarik Evert, sends him staggering outside into the cold. He doesn’t remember how he wound up at her door, naked and shivering. And he’s not sure what is about to happen if she lets him inside. He only knows one thing—the fierce, unrelenting hunger that brought him to her in the first place.

And that’s just the beginning of their troubles…


I read this book as part of the Shifter Romance Boxed Set. I really liked the fresh explanation of how Tarik Evert became a WereBear. There were several steamy sex scenes and some lovely pillow talk, but other than that it was kind of a bust.

The heroine Abby Clumm is kind of ridiculous, she invites a strange naked man into her cabin…

She is fairly unfazed by discovering he can turn into a bear, and is far less afraid of teaming up with her sexy WereBear to outrun a shady group of scientists, than she is about the possibility of having a long-term relationship…

***I received and ARC of Shifter Romance Boxed Set in exchange for an honest review***


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