Victoria Danann – Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm (Knights of Black Swan, #5)Gathering Storm by Victoria Danann
Series: Knights of Black Swan #5
Source: Review By Request
ARC received from the Author
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Storm is acting like somebody else. Former members of B Team must reunite to try to preserve his image and reputation. Meanwhile, the Ralengclan send a second wave assassination team to Jefferson Unit at the worst possible time, when it’s been left defended by only Z Team, Glen, Elora, Sir Fennimore, and the trainees.

An EROTIC PARANORMAL ROMANCE. If you love romance, fantasy, science fiction, strong female characters, alpha males and complex stories with erotic elements, this serial is right for you. Age 17+ READING IN ORDER IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Nominated BEST NEW BOOK IN SERIES 2013 – Paranormal Cravings

#1 Best Indie Read of 2013 – The Book Haven

Nominated for Best Indie Scifi Futuristic Novel of 2013, Readers Choice Awards, IRC


Another wonderful installment in one of my favorite series! I love that the Black Swan series weaves in and out of a variety of character’s lives. While each book places the spotlight on someone (or several someones) new, the audience is generally kept up to date with those characters we’ve grown attached to as the series has progressed.

In book Five of the series, we made some new friends, and lost some old ones. I have to say, it took me a while to accept Rosie. I could understand the age progression, I assumed as much after Litha’s pregnancy… But the whole “grown woman in a little body” thing was hard to swallow, especially when we start talking about the relationship between Rosie and Glen. Also, if the theme of this book was that one moment can change your Fate forever, then I would have really liked to have seen more of the alternate dimension Storms

Danann has a way of blending action with humor that continues to appeal to me, and the chapters concerning the battle inside Jefferson Unit were a perfect example. From the young knights fearlessly jumping into action, and the Disco play-by-play, to the sudden emergence of Animal House, and the take down of Z Team, Danann seems to subscribe to the theory of You can’t hold your breath when you’re laughing.

I have but one tiny gripe…
We never heard what was going on with Duff & Aelsong?! I’m dying to hear how that works out (of course, Danann placed a little treat in the back of the book, the cover of Black Swan #6, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, Due out in December 2013)

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