Ella Ardent – Exposure

Exposure (The Plume #6)Exposure by Ella Ardent
Series: The Plume #6
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Welcome to the Plume – where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true…

After Rex and Louise’s show, everything goes awry. The Count reveals secrets of the past to Athena, then asks her to leave with him. Does she dare to return to the man she has loved for years, knowing he alone has the power to break her heart? Mike’s plan to fulfill Joanna’s fantasy of being sexually shared by two men proves to be pleasure only to Eric and Joanna. The scene shreds Mike’s heart—will it destroy their relationship, too? And as the survival of the Plume itself comes into question, thanks to an unexpected betrayal, Rex must decide whether to take a chance on trust.


This installment really brought me back into The Plume series and reminded me why I fell in love with all of these characters in the first place…

Still he resisted. He knew better than to encourage emotional connections with others. He knew better than to rely on anyone other than himself—and Athena had driven that lesson home today. Even his systems and safeguards were useless unless people accessed them and followed his rules. He should dig a moat around his life, remain isolated and strong…

The previous books were starting to feel like an unending chain of screw ups between characters which seemed rather flat. Admittedly, the story was amusing enough to keep me reading through the sixth book, so I hate to sound like I’ve been reading begrudgingly. Having said that, the characters really began to flesh out in this book, we began to understand their motives and fears in a way that make them seem more human. Yes, the heat and sex was undiminished, but this time the “desires” weren’t limited to flesh.

I still have one big gripe – The whole relationship between Mike and Joanna has become ridiculous… How many times can two people sabotage their own relationship and still claim to be in love?!?! Get it together Mike & Joanna!

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