Victoria Danann – The Witch’s Dream

The Witch's Dream (Knights of Black Swan, #2)The Witch’s Dream by Victoria Danann
Series: Knights of Black Swan #2
Source: Personal Library
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elora Laiken broke Storm’s heart when she chose his best friend. Now the handsome knight wants nothing to do with love. When B Team arrives in Edinburgh, the afterglow of an elftale wedding ends abruptly when Katrina is kidnapped by a demon with a grudge. While Black Swan’s best tracker frantically searches for Kay’s fiance, Elora, Ram, and Baka are tasked with bringing in a stray werewolf causing havoc in London and finding him a suitable new home.

Action takes a backseat to love as Danann brings us an installment that she calls a love letter to paranormal romance.

EROTIC PARANORMAL ROMANCE. If you love romance, fantasy, science fiction, strong female characters, alpha males and complex stories with erotic elements, this serial is right for you. Age 17+. READING THIS SERIAL IN ORDER IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

INCLUDES: Bonus Feature Interview with Rammel Hawking and the first chapter of Book 3, A Summoner’s Tale, 2013 WINNER of BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE NOVEL of the YEAR, Reviewers’ Choice Awards, the Paranormal Romance Guild.


This series is getting better and better! I adored meeting all the new characters including Litha – another strong female. The Demon Deliverance is a never-ending source of amusement for me; I’d love to see he and Baka spend some time together, I can only imagine what a conversation between the two would be like!

I love that Storm got a chance to fight for something after the bittersweet ending of My Familiar Stranger; and it was neat seeing how young Storm was recruited into Black Swan.

One more thing: the “Under the Window” scene – I. Laughed. Out. Loud

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