This Man Trilogy: The Jesse Ward Rant

The following rant is specifically related to the This Man Trilogy written by Jodi Ellen Malpas..



Is anyone else freaked out at the amount of young girls crying “Book Boyfriend” at Jesse Ward?

How is anything other than his dick desirable?

There are a lot of really nice dicks out there…

The kind of dicks that will talk dirty to you,

Dicks that will hold you down and fuck you,

Dicks that will cuddle after spanking you,

Dicks that want to spoil you,

Dicks that just want to love you,

And most importantly…

Dicks that respect you,

Dicks that won’t alienate your friends and family,

Dicks that aren’t more needy than a girl with her first period,

Dicks that are proud of all you’ve accomplished in your career,

Dicks that haven’t fucked every woman he’s ever introduced you to,

Dicks who don’t delight in treating you like a child,

Dicks that don’t constantly lie to you or evade the truth,

Dicks that wont steal your motherfucking birth control pills!

 Jesse Ward is not the dick to set your sights on…

Go find another dick.

A polite, socially adjusted, non-codependent dick…

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