Michele Hauf – Dark Rapture

Dark Rapture by Michele Hauf

Source: Personal Library
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Sebastian DelaCourte has lived centuries, always seeking, wondering about the woman who made him vampire. He desires love. He needs blood.
Scarlet Rose captures his heart, and promises love—but not without forcing the two to face the twisted fate of time and undying passion.

A macabre paranormal romance featuring vampires, time-travel, an angry ghost, and rock ‘n roll. Set in contemporary Los Angeles and 18th century Paris.



A fun & Captivating story!

Sebastian’s name grated across his mind like a dull blade…

The story spans hundreds of years… It includes:
Time Travel,
Great Characters,
Fun Settings,
and Rock & Roll…

Oh My! I can see this turning into a very enjoyable series should the author continue following the captivating characters he has created.

I’m still tickled about Sebastian’s obsession with Jello…

Suddenly his smile disappeared and he was all seriousness. “You dropped the sacred food of the gods, woman. You are aware of what happens to those who blaspheme the Jell-O gods?” He reached back and produced his own handful of dessert.

It was too hard to keep a straight face. Scarlet let loose her laughter as she tried to fend off Sebastian’s approach. His jaw was set, his hand full of Jell-O, and his mouth desperately trying to hold a straight line.
“Torture to those who would desanctify this most holy substance!”


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